If you haven't heard Old Town Road it's time to come out from under that rock and listen to the country and hip hop gem by Lil Nas X. The latest remix featuring Billy Ray Cyrus has reached new records topping Billboard charts and has arguably become the track of the summer.


Despite breaking so many records already, Lil Nas X is not the first nor will he be the last to merge country and hip hop together or to get pushback for doing so. Beyonce knows the struggle all too well with her 2016 Daddy Lessons single which also got rejected by the Grammy Country Committee despite also having major country elements.

But the Lil Nas X controversy has arrived at just the right time when a new movement has gained major traction. The Yeehaw Agenda as it's being called across social media is a celebration and rewriting of the relationship between the black community and the country one. Because despite getting very little recognition in history or modern times, black people have always been a part of the Western cowboy culture. In history, as much as a quarter of all cowboys were black and a major portion of the black demographic lives in the South.

So now, people are joining in and taking back a part of their history and culture by bridging the two communities together. Think Solange's When I Get Home short film that revisits her Texas roots. And the movement is not restricted only to music but also extends to fashion which has seen a major resurgence and reworking of the classic cowboy style.

You can take a cue from many stars including Cardi B, Kasey Musgraves, Ciara, Solange, Miley Cyrus, and Ru Paul for how to mix in country elements into your wardrobe.


For more inspo, we'll break down 6 staple pieces and show you how to incorporate them into your next look.


The iconic cowboy hat is perhaps one of the biggest accessories in classic cowboy fashion but can still be styled with a pretty contemporary edge. You can go with a neutral black or white or modernize it with a trendy color or sparkly touch.

Another staple is of course a pair of cowboy boots which actually have a wide range or versatility nowadays. If you choose to go with the classic style, elevate your look with a more contemporary outfit or throw in just a twinge of country vibe with bootie versions.


Throw tassels on a leather jacket and you immediately create Americana vibes with your outfit, even if the jacket has a pretty sleek design otherwise. A suede jacket also works just as effectively with the tassels. For a luxe country chic look inspired by Solange, get a tasseled jumpsuit or pair of pants.


Bolo ties are traditionally worn with button ups and although were normally only worn by men, it's 2019 which means anyone can pull them off. A tightened bolo tie will still look best on a button up but if you want to loosen it and style it as more of a necklace, wear if with a top or dress with a more open collar.


The all denim style is also considered the Canadian tuxedo but the cowboy fashion embraces the style and you should too. Mix and match your denims or go for a single color/finish. The denim cowboy outfit is just like the Wild West, there are no rules.


Lastly, consider snakeskin pattern. The most popular place for snakeskin used to be in your cowboy boots but a more modern take on the staple can come in any garment or accessory such as a jacket or skirt.


Snakeskin will be one of the top trends this spring and if you're interested in the season's other trends, check out this article.

So what cowboy staple are you going to try? Show us your looks for a chance to be featured! @boxbeatyco