Who said rap is a man's game? For years now women have been major movers and shakers in the industry, shaping the genre itself and paving the way for new artists. There does seem to be a bigger portion of men in rap but let's just say quantity doesn't always equal quality *cough*.

In an industry that's been notorious for treating women as little more than objects and sex symbols, a new wave of female artists have emerged to take what's theirs. Some of them have embraced and flourished from their sexualization while others have chosen to redirect their fans to other topics. Either way, these ladies deserve more props than they're getting. Cardi B made the point recently that there are tons of immensely talented women with top notch rapping who don't get enough support. So on that note, here are 10 female rappers that we're listening to right now.


Tierra Whack

Tierra Whack has been killing the game with her unique musical style. She's not interested in churning out the same sound time after time and channels a different vibe with each song she creates from dark to animated. Many have compared her to a female version of Kendrick Lamar. Check her out and decide for yourself.



Smooth beats and witty lyrics. Noname started off as a poet which clearly shows in her poetic lyrics. She spits some serious bars about everything from the state of society to her personal life, occasionally even dabbling in singing. Her stage name might be ambiguous, but she makes sure that you can get to know exactly who she is through her music.



Kamaiyah keeps it real and has no problem telling you like it is. She's strong, determined, and oozes confidence while still staying down to Earth. She's already worked with plenty of big names including Quavo, Tyga, and Travis Scott but shines equally as bright with her solo work.


Rico Nasty

Rico Nasty wouldn't be Rico Nasty without finding a way to scream her lyrics and do some serious eye rolling. She mixes in a little rock to her beats resulting in powerful and eccentric vibes in every song. Despite having a son at the young age of 18, she credits him for inspiring her to get back into music and channel her inner kid which you can definitely see through her videos.



Raw and uncensored, Chika says what needs to be said through her music. She has no intention of creating a false image or hollow singles for the sake of making money. She creates with the intention to talk to the culture and create a positive impact which is refreshing nowadays.


Lady London

Freestyle master Lady London is oozing talent and she knows it. Her freestyles are out of this world that have garnered attention from big names like Kehlani and Meek Mill but she's even more accomplished than that. She's also a published author and Howard alumni and her intellect shows in her perfectly written lyrics.



Leikeli47 is dedicated to making some serious bops. So much so that she keeps her identity hidden to make sure people stay focused on her music. Do everyone a favor and include her songs on your next party playlist.


Maliibu Miitch

Squeaky voiced and petite in person but large and in charge in her music. Her raspy voice is instantly recognizable but that's not the only thing that sets her apart from other rappers. She'll be the first to tell you that she didn't have an easy upbringing but she's channeled all her life obstacles to go hard in every song and it pays off.



She got her start by posting her music on YouTube back in 2012 and gained a fanbase (who she nicknamed her slurpers) for her unapologetically sexual songs like "Squidward Nose." She's also a big LGBTQ advocate even releasing a song titled "LGBT" in support of the community. CupcakKe isn't afraid to use her music to say what she wants when she wants and we're here for it.



The youngest on the list, Deetranada is only 17 years old but already making major waves. Despite her young age, she makes music that speaks to people of all ages because of her raw and honest lyrics. She's been working on her debut album which is slated to drop soon and with her immense amount of talent, she's one to watch.


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