Valentine's Day is right around the corner which means it's time to nail down your plans for the holiday. We know the struggle of trying to find something good to do or a nice gift to give when you're trying to save money. But despite the commercialized idea that you have to spend as much money as possible on your loved on for Valentine's Day, the truth is you don't. There's a lot of ways you can celebrate the holiday of love without having to empty your bank account to do it. How do you do this? With a little DIY of course! What better way to show your love than by putting actual thought and effort into the date or gift that you give to your significant other? These are some fun and wallet friendly ways to celebrate Valentine's Day.


What's Valentine's Day without a romantic dinner? You don't have to go to a fancy restaurant to enjoy a nice dinner. The two of you can stay home and cook a delicious meal between the two of you. Set up a nice candlelit table to enjoy the food and each other's presence. For an added token of love, you can make some matching aprons with some iron-on messages to really show the thought you put into the night.



Another great way to spend the evening is by looking back through all your pictures and videos. Grab some snacks, string lights, blankets, and pillows for a cozy date around your laptop or TV screen. You can take it one step further and create your own slideshow using an app like PowerPoint so you don't have to scroll through your entire camera roll. Bonus DIY points if you design your own blanket or cozy PJS to give the other person.

What better way to show your partner you love them than to pamper them? A DIY spa night is the perfect way for the two of you to unwind and bond at the same time. The best part is that you can DIY all the products you use to save more money or buy them to save on time. Check this article out to know how to have the perfect spa night in.



Making specially thought out plans are always more meaningful than a run-of-the-mill date so even when you have a small budget, one of these ideas are sure to make a perfect Valentine's night to remember. And once you have the night planned out, you'll want that last detail to seal the night. A DIY beauty product is the way to go because by making them yourself, you can personalize them to your partner so they know it was made especially for them. Check out one these 7 options for the perfect gift.


Lip Balm/Lip Tint

Honestly the gift of healthy, moisturized lips is a gift for the two of you. Go with a shade they'll like and place it in a cute little jar.


Bath Time Products

A gift like this can go perfectly on its own for your partner to use on their own time or you can pair it up with the spa night in. Choose between bath bombs, milk baths, or bath salts or go with all three for a bath time collection. You can add in rose petals which not only can be good for your skin but are also a classic Valentine's Day staple.


This can be a great gift for the person who loves practical gifts or the one who's all about the details. When people decorate their homes, they don't often think about small details like cute soaps but this is where you come in! A pretty looking soap will definitely be used up and every time they use it, they'll think of you.


Sleeping Mask

The concept of beauty sleep is no joke. When you're fully rested, your body is healthier which means it will physically look better. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with the ability to sleep through anything. A sleeping mask can be perfect for the light sleeper who needs total darkness but can't always get it when it's time to sleep.


A nice scrub can do wonders for your skin. You can create a scrub specifically designed for the body, the face, your lips or create one designed for all three. Since you're making it yourself, you can make it with all natural ingredients and even choose how gentle it is so that your partner can reap all the benefits of exfoliating without doing damage.


Lotions and Moisturizers

We're getting closer to spring but we're not there yet. These harsh winter months can really take a toll on our skin and being ashy is not the move. Give your significant other the gift of naturally moisturized skin.


Beauty Basket

Designing your own beauty basket is perfect for the person you love. If you have the time and energy, you can make all the products in the basket or just handpick store bought versions. Either way, you're showing that you put actual time and thought into what you gave the other person.


With all the commercials and ads nowadays, it's easy to get caught up in wanting to buy all the most expensive gifts you can afford. But like the saying goes, it's the thought that matters. And luckily for you, it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg to design a thoughtful gift or date for Valentine's Day.