New documents have emerged from Mac Miller's estate which reveal some of the assets he left behind. In total, Mac had about $7 million worth of assets at the time of his death. His master recordings were the most valuable assets coming in at almost $5 million, followed by $1.5 million in music royalties. He also had his company, Mac LLC, valued at $180,000 and an extensive jewelry collection worth over $150K.



His financial assets definitely weren't the only thing that Mac left behind. The music industry was rocked when his death broke the news and since then, both Mac's family and fans have made sure to keep the rapper's memory alive. Blue Slide Playground in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania has become a regular vigil spot for the late artist. Just last week, Mac's dad attended an event there to commemorate his son and let everyone know that "they finally caught the motherf*cker" who played a role in Mac's death.



He was talking about Cameron James Pettit who was Mac's alleged drug dealer. Mac was found unresponsive at his house due to a suspected overdose. The investigation revealed that he had combined cocaine and alcohol with fake oxycodone pills which were actually laced with fentanyl. Police arrested Pettit last week and charged him with dealing Mac the fake pills that caused his death.



News reports say that behind the scenes, Ariana Grande also hopes to see Pettit sent to prison for his actions, although she hasn't spoken about it publicly. She and Mac dated for two years but split up a couple months before his death. Given the timing, Ariana caught a lot of hate from fans who blame her for Mac's downward spiral and eventual death. The singer hit back at trolls though, reminding everyone that she did try to help Mac with his problems for years but ultimately it was on him to solve his own issues.



Money is no replacement for Mac but with the assets he left behind and the recent arrest of his alleged dealer, hopefully Mac's family and friends can get one step closer to the closure they need.