Whether 2019 was a year of nonstop blessings, a year of trials and obstacles, or somewhere in between, at least you can say you made it to the new decade! Unfortunately, that can't be said of everything because as the new year has started, there are some things that didn't make it: people's albums! While plenty of artists dropped new music last year, there are still artists who've been lacking on the album release. Let's go over the top 6 albums that people are still impatiently waiting on.



Riri herself had confirmed that an album was coming in 2019 but now it looks like that was just the biggest troll of the last decade. At the very least, fans had been hoping she would drop a new song or two but Robyn Fenty was not budging. Perhaps the cruelest part of this whole thing is Rihanna's constant teasing over her refusing to release R9. Will 2020 finally be the year that she drops it? At this rate, we'd say don't hold your breath.


Justin Bieber

The pressures of child stardom got the best of Justin Bieber which led to his almost 5-year hiatus from music. Although he's occasionally hopped on a fellow artist's song for a feature or popped up for the rare live guest performance, fans have been dying for Justin to drop a new album. Well it finally looks like he's ready to make a comeback as he just dropped his first song in years, 'Yummy' and he also announced that he would be dropping his album and touring in 2020.


Frank Ocean

Frank is really taking his sweet time creating new music and by the looks of it, we'll all just have to be okay with it. He's dropped the occasional song here and there and has teased new songs on his IG Story but he hasn't released an album since 2016. Frank will headlining at Coachella this year which has given fans new hope that a new album is on the horizon.



Despite looking like a major power couple for the longest time, Big Sean and Jhené Aiko had us there for a second when they split in 2019. We all thought that all our hopes for another Twenty88 album would never come true but even during their breakup, the two kept popping up on each other's songs. Now, they seem to be back together which means our hope is rekindled. If they can still make music together when they're broken up, then they can definitely make another joint album now that they're back together, right?


Lil Uzi Vert

The forever elusive album. Lil Uzi's relatively short music career has been plagued nonstop with label issues which he admits have pushed him close quitting music altogether. His latest album Eternal Atake was supposed to come out in 2019 but the release date came and went with no album in sight. Lil Uzi responded that he wasn't sure when it would be coming out which isn't very encouraging for fans. Still, now that Lil Uzi has signed onto Roc Nation, we're hoping that he'll be able to put his label drama behind him and finally release new the album without a problem.



You'd think with how booked and busy Normani has been that she already dropped her debut album but so far she's only released her first solo single, Motivation. Given her immense talent, fans have been eagerly waiting to hear more from her. She's given no word on when we can even expect her album but with 2020 barely starting, we're hoping that she'll finally bless us all with more bops.


2020 has gotten off to an…eventful start and the year is still young. With so much time left in the year, here's to hoping the wait for all these albums will finally be over.