As the efforts continue to control the coronavirus from spreading at exponential rates, the WHO and CDC have released a list of best practices to do your part in maintaining the outbreak. One of them includes washing your hands constantly throughout the day, especially if you have to leave your home.

While we fully encourage following this guideline regardless of a pandemic or not, there is a price to pay for keeping this habit: dry hands.

Most soaps have a tendency to dry hands out because as they wash away germs and dirt, they also wash off your skin's natural and necessary protective oils. If you're finding that all the constant handwashing is really taking a toll on your hands, then this at-home hand spa will be just what you need to keep them soft and moisturized!


Step 1

The most important step of course is washing your hands. According to the CDC, you need to wash them for a minimum of 20 seconds to successfully wash away all the dirt and germs. That's roughly two rounds of the happy birthday song to complete the full 20 seconds. Hot water can dry hands out more so if you're successfully taking the full recommended time, then lukewarm or cool water can work just as well.


Step 2

Exfoliating your hands will help get rid of dead skin cells and dirt that can create a barrier to moisture getting successfully absorbed. Once or twice a week, you can use a scrub to make your hands softer than ever. Check out this DIY hand scrub that’ll get the job done:


Step 3

With your hands fully washed and prepped, they're ready for moisturizers to work their magic! Start off with a humectant to attract moisture to your skin and keep it soft. Some good options include aloe vera gel, glycerin, and honey. Mix equal parts of your humectant and water together and add a few drops of essential oils for a nice scent. Your hands might feel a little sticky afterwards but just give it a little bit for it dry. If it's feeling too sticky, you can add more water.


Step 4

You've successfully attracted moisture to your skin, now you want to keep it there. You can "seal" it in with another DIY combo such as equal parts beeswax and coconut oil. Melt and mix together then apply when the mixture has cooled down. Alternatively, you can seal in the moisture with a good hand lotion such as Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion.


This won't be a process you follow after every handwashing session but rather one you do once or twice a week so you don't irritate your skin. With everything that your hands are going through, this will be just the TLC they need to stay soft and moisturized. With this little spa moment, you'll be looking forward to keeping up with constant handwashing!