2019 thus far has been the year of truth. If you didn’t know the truth before, you were exposed to it and if you knew the truth but refused to acknowledge it, everything intensified to make you really pay attention. Some people realized that they weren’t as compatible with their romantic partners as they initially thought. Preconceptions aside, this isn’t always a bad thing! Recently, Emma Watson classified her relationship status as ‘self-partnered’ and that may be the most positive way to describe being single. Below, we’ve compiled a list of three newly ‘self-partnered’ women that are killing it regardless of who they’re involved with.

Selena Gomez

Only two months after Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber split, he proposed to his now-wife, Hailey Baldwin. Fast forward to a year and some change later, Gomez has her first Hot-100 hit with her new single “Lose You to Love Me.” The song is one of two songs she released back-to-back that touched on the subject of the hurt she dealt with over the past year. She confirmed on Ryan Seacreast’s morning radio show that the songs were about her previous relationship with Beiber and that she was happy that she could finally validate her feelings through her music.


Within the past week, rumors have arisen about Solange Knowles’ divorce from her husband, Alan Ferguson. Tabloids suspected that she was involved with a mystery man, who turned out to be her long-time manager. Solange took it to Instagram to explain her disappointment in the media and spectators for creating a narrative about her life that was not true. She also shared that for the past two years, she had been going through a “physical and spiritual transition and evolution” that forced her to face her “her worst enemy,” fear.


After divorcing her husband, Simon Kinecki, Adele started wearing less and goin’ out more. She’s also been hanging out with Canandian rapper, Drake, more often than not. What people are most shocked about is how much weight she has lost since the beginning of the year. The British singer has lost over 40 pounds and thankfully, it was not caused by stressed. For the sake of her 7-year-old son, Adele created a new fitness routine and diet plan for her household. Although she has always looked amazing, we’re glad to see that her weight loss has given her new-found confidence! 

What these ladies have shown us is that when one door closes another one does indeed open. It may not be the way you intend, but it’s often what you need!