No outfit is complete without the right bling. Now that we've made the shift into fall trends, it's time for our jewelry to do the same! Here are 6 fall jewelry trends to wear this season.


Chain Link Necklaces

Swap out the cute, dainty necklaces for a big and bold chain link necklace. While a single necklace can do the job, the fall motto is layer layer layer so pile on those necklaces for a major statement.




Hoop earrings are back and better than ever! You can keep them simple and minimalist or choose extra flashy ones full of diamonds/rhinestones. Either way, it's a look perfect for the fall.



Dangling Crystals

Maximum glamour is the game this season with long, dangling crystals. From earrings to chokers, this trend will have you dripping in crystals, literally.




A timeless classic that's making a major splash this season. You can use them alone or pair them with gold or crystals.



Mismatched Earrings

This season earrings are sisters not twins. To make this work, choose coordinating styles and wear multiple on each ear. You don't have to limit yourself to your earlobe, experiment with faux cartilage styles if you don't have that part pierced.



Statement Styles

The style pendulum has swung towards minimalism for the last few seasons but now it's swinging right back into vibrant and eccentric. Bright colors, opulent pieces, and unique finds are the goal.



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What trends will you be trying? Show us your style! @boxbeautyco