New year, new resolutions! The start of 2020 not only means a whole new decade but also the chance to start fresh with your hair journey. Whether or not you were able to dedicate more time to your hair in 2019, it's never too late to make beneficial adjustments to your hair regime. So if you're looking for ways to improve your hair routine in 2020, here's 8 resolutions to add to your list:


Get to know your hair

No two heads of hair are exactly alike which means what might work for someone else might not work for you. It can seem like a daunting process to figure out your specific hair needs but knowing what they are can make all the difference. Texture type, hair porosity, the LCO vs LOC method…making the effort to inform yourself over these things can really pay off in the long run.


Be more product conscious

On that note, not all products are created equal and not all of them will actually work to help your hair. Coating your strands in just anything isn't the way to healthy hair. For example, there are products that work better for low porosity hair and ones that work better for high porosity hair. After you inform yourself of what your hair needs are, make it a goal to get the right products for your hair. 


Give up heat styling

Even with the best protective products around, constant heat styling can lead to damaged hair. Heat not only strips your hair of its much-needed moisture, it can also end up destroying the integrity of your natural curls resulting in dull, lifeless, and shapeless hair. Heat damage is permanent meaning that once you have it, there's no way to fix it other than to cut it off and start fresh. Find out how to get started on your first no-heat month here.


Don't be afraid to try a new hairstyle

Whether or not you'll be giving up heat, make it a goal to branch out and try new hairstyles this coming year. Choose a new protective style that you've been too scared to try or even change up the color with a wig. 2020 is the year to try new things and not let fear hold you back.


Moisturize more often

The more textured your hair is, the more prone to drying out it will be which means moisture should be at the top of your priorities. When properly moisturized, your hair will be softer, stronger, and healthier and you'll also help prevent frizz and knotting. If you don't already, make the effort this coming year to include regular deep conditioning and leave-in treatments to give your hair that extra ounce of moisture.


Wash your hair less often

On that note, your hair can also benefit from cutting down on your wash days. Shampoos will strip your hair of the natural oils it needs to stay hydrated and happy. Curly and kinky hair will most benefit from less wash days since that's the type of hair that needs its natural oils more than anyone else. In fact, depending on your hair type, cutting shampoo out all together and co-washing might be the best thing for your hair. Find out more about co-washing here.


Cut away those damaged ends

Haircuts might seem like your worst enemy if you're trying to grow your hair out but we have to break it to you. There's nothing that's going to fix those damaged ends. In fact, they can end up doing more harm than good because those split, brittle ends will run up your hair strands the same way a tear will just keep running up your tights.


Give your scalp more TLC

Healthy hair starts at your scalp so this coming year, make it a resolution to give yours the TLC it deserves. Just like your hair, your scalp needs to be moisturized and cleaned of buildup that can accumulate from product, natural oils, and dirt. Now that it's winter, you can add these healthy-scalp steps into your winter hair regime.

These new years hair resolutions will have your hair looking and feeling its best during 2020. We can leave unhealthy hair in 2019!

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