In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, Drake gave the world an early Christmas present with the release of his newest single “War.” The single was accompanied by a dim music video that showed him and his closest friends enjoying a snowy vacation. Unfortunately, the song has received mixed reviews from fans and blogs as they try to figure out which culture the rapper borrowed his sound from.

We all know that Drake is everyone’s favorite rapper. He was even Spotify’s most-streamed artist of the decade. But from the beginning of his rap career till now, he has gone through many phases that we’ll refer to as “defining his own style.” This has caused a rift between his fans who see his cultural fluidity as appreciation vs the fans who see it as appropriation. That, however, is an entirely different topic for a different day. Below, we’ve listed some of Drake’s most well-known iconic and cultural “phases."

Take Care Drake 

The Take Care era of Drake’s career was a key reason why listeners considered him to be a “soft” rapper. His single “Marvin’s Room” took over radio airwaves in 2011 and the caused a new era of social media memes.

NWTS Drake 

For some reason, Nothing Was the Same was relatable for everybody. Drake was able to gain the respect of many when he managed to get Jay Z to feature on his track “Pound Cake/Paris Morton Music 2.”

Atlanta Drake 

When The Migos dropped “Versace,” they never knew that one day Drake would remix the song and turn it into something bigger than they could imagine. Although people loved the remix, many questioned Drake’s “new” flow that echoed the Atlanta rappers upbeat tempo. 

Jamaican Drake 

Here’s where things begin to get foggy. In 2016, Drake embraced his love for Jamaican culture and shifted his style to be more dancehall-influenced. Songs like “Too Good” and “Work,” which both feature Rihanna, became instant hits.  That same year, he released “One Dance,” and “Controlla.” 

Afrobeats Drake

In 2017, Drake shifted into a new genre into his style when he collaborated with Afrobeats artist Wizkid for “Come Closer.” Earlier this year, the Canadian-rapper teamed up with Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd for “Won’t Be Late.”

UK Grime Drake 

After remixing Skepta’s grime hit “Shutdown,” Drake and him became close friends. So much so, Drake signed to Skepta’s label BBK. His latest single “War” suggests that his next album might be more grime-influenced. 

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