Valentine’s Day is THIS Friday and if you weren’t already prepared for it, it probably snuck up on you!  While some of us may be spending this love-filled holiday alone, others will be cozying up with their partners. If that’s the case, we’ve listed five cliche-free dates and activities for you to enjoy with your S.O. below!

Couples Cooking Class

There’s nothing more romantic than cooking for your girlfriend/boyfriend. Couples cooking classes allows partners the opportunity to share the intimacy of learning a new skill in the kitchen.

Paint and Sip 

Paint and sips are a fun way to engage with your significant other! Not only will you have the chance to bond over a cocktail and/or wine while painting, you’ll have a memento of your perfect date to take home with you.

Wine tasting 

Wine tasting is a fun and boozy way to spend this holiday! On average, Valentine’s Day wine tasting specials can cost you about $50 per ticket, which may include a three-course dinner! 

Hotel Stay-cation

Staycations are the perfect romantic getaway from responsibilities and ordinary life. You can experience luxuries like ordering room service and not having to clean up. Hotels are often in central locations, so you'll be able to experience the convenience to your city’s best attractions (like museums and nightlife -- wink, wink) depending on the location. 

Spa Day 

Couples massages are THE cheat code. Relaxation for both parties? It’s unbeatable. Spas often offer specials for couples, so you’ll most likely get the best bang for your buck!

Hopefully you didn’t procrastinate to figure out your Valentine’s Day plans, but if you did, we hope this quick list helped!