If you're looking for the next beauty trend to get in on, look no further! Colored eyelashes are taking over the beauty community and we're here for it.


Colored lashes aren't a new thing but they've definitely gained traction in the past couple weeks and you can thank Lauren B. Brown for it. The makeup artist who goes by RaggedyRoyal on social media debuted 4 beauty looks on Twitter that prove exactly why colored eyelashes are a must-try. Since then, the trend has been popping up in droves.


Lauren's style was also inspired by Isabelle De Vries who does the most amazing fluffy lashes on all her clients.


The best part about this trend is that it's super easy to accomplish. According to Lauren, all you need is concealer, a liquid lipstick in the color of your choice, and a matching eyeshadow to set the liquid lipstick.


It's really no wonder why this trend has taken off. Whether you're applying falsies or applying the color to your own lashes, this style is fun, bold, and looks great on anyone. You can take inspiration from Lauren and Isabelle by matching your lashes to your lipstick or let your lashes take the spotlight by pairing them with a neutral lippie. Check out these major colored lash lewks for more inspo.







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If you're still struggling to apply false eyelashes, check out these tips to make your falsies look perfect.


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