Everyone loves a good protective style, especially weaves and wigs where you can just put it all away. They help your hair grow and are little to no fuss to style. But the foundation of a good install is healthy hair so we can't let our natural hair be forgotten. Here's a few tips on what you can do every time you take a style down to maintain healthy hair. 

1. Detangle with your fingers. Shedding is inevitable but detangling this way minimizes hair loss. Once you can run your finger through your hair, gently go through with a wide tooth comb.  

2. Wash & Condition. Simple enough but make sure you're making the right product choice for your hair and its porosity (here's a link to help you determine your hair’s porosity.) We also suggest the Shea Moisture Superfruit shampoo & conditioner because it's great for a myriad of textures and porosities.
3. Deep Condition. When you complete this step, you can opt for just a shower cap or go with a heat cap for deeper penetration. If time permits, sleep with the cap overnight. 
4. Check for signs of damage. Pay close attention to your hair and scalp. Any thinning or irritation can be an early warning sign of a bigger issue. You always want to be proactive with your hair's health instead of being reactive. 

5. Trim your ends. You want to maintain healthy length. It will be a lot easier to deal with a few centimeters after each install versus a good few inches of split ends when you're ready to wear your natural hair. 

6. Moisturize. Keeping your hair hydrated is the best way to stop breakage. Start with a good leave-in and follow with a daily moisturizer/light weight oil. 

7. Let it breathe. Stay away from excessive heat, bleach, or high manipulation. 

8. Protein treatment. Before you decide to try a new style give your hair a strengthening treatment  
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