Sometimes a little goes along way. Rather than fuss with your hair you can simply tuck it away. Trying to hold out until wash day? Twist out failed? Just want to beat the heat and throw your hair up? Even if you just want to give yourself a new look. Head wraps will save you. Hair wrapping has been around since the beginning of time for a myriad of uses. But they've made their way into being a real style staple. Everyone should have at least one. You don't have to spend a bunch of money you can use strips of just about any fabric, experiment with colors and sizes. Doing it yourself gives you the power to play around and find the style that best fits you.  And it's flexible there are a million and one ways to style your turban. Here's a few different ways to style from some youtubers! 

The easiest style. 

4 quick and easy styles 

10 stylish ways that look a lot more intricate than they are.  

Braided wrap style. For the turban tying elite. 

For those with big hair, protective styles, or locs we didn’t forget about you. Here's a few styles that will accommodate big hair. 

You can experiment with different looks and add your own twists. Tag #Boxbeauty in your Turbanista looks! Here's a few of our favorite IG looks!