Have you ever bought a product that seems to work on everybody’s hair but yours? With all of the natural hair care options available to us, it can be pretty difficult to find the right products for your hair. The best place to start is figuring out your hair’s porosity, or how well your hair absorbs and retains moisture. While our previous blog touched on what hair porosity is, today we’re going to dive into which products are best for each hair type based on porosity! 

Low Porosity: 

Our previous blog explained that low porosity hair is harder for moisture to penetrate the hair shaft because the cuticles are so close together. Products may just “sit on top” of hair vs absorbing it, which makes it even easier for build up to start. Another indicator that one might have low porosity hair is if it takes extra effort for the hair to get completely saturated with water when washing it! With low porosity hair, it’s important to avoid thick products that aren’t easy to absorb and products with low pH. 

Medium Porosity:

If you have medium porosity hair, consider yourself lucky because you barely have any restrictions on what products you can use! Your main focus should be maintaining the balance of moisture in your hair. Products like mild cleansers and hair strengtheners such as protein-filled masks facilitate moisture retention!

High Porosity: 

High porosity hair is normally a result of chemical or environmental damage. The cuticle has holes and gaps in it, which makes it easy for moisture to leave your hair as fast as it gets in it. Products that are most effective on high porosity hair act as sealants to damaged cuticles to prevent the hair from absorbing excess moisture. Leave-in conditioners and heavy creams are great ways to lock in moisture for high porosity!

Hopefully our porosity product guide gave you more insight on what to purchase for healthier hair! Let us know if there are any products that we didn’t list that work for you on Twitter @BoxBeautyco!