Have you ever wanted to elope with your partner? Or maybe you've just wanted to know what it feels like to be in a black and white cartoon. Well if you're either of those people, we may have the perfect spot for you: Las Vegas. We know, the cliché Vegas wedding chapel might not sound appealing…but what would you say if it was Joshua Vides' entirely black and white chapel?


You gotta admit, that would make for some pretty cool pictures. Located in the famous Palms Casino Resort, you can hold a simple ceremony there for as little as $250 or go all out for a bigger chunk of change. Of course, many of us are not willing to forego such a special experience for the sake of a good Insta shot. And that doesn't just have to do with wedding ceremonies. When you're going traveling, the pictures you can snap are great for memories but only if those memories are actually worth remembering. There's nothing worse than visiting a widely hyped place only to realize that it was just that: hype. Sometimes, the most IG worthy places might seem great through the camera lens but then the place has nothing else to offer. If you're looking for a fun experience that also makes a great place for pictures, then these are some of the places you might want to avoid and some of the places you should go to instead.


Seeing as how the black and white chapel is set in Las Vegas, we'll cover a famous location in the city: the Las Vegas Strip. Here's the deal, the strip might have some cool resorts and casinos with some pretty cool neon lights that look great at night but that's also kind of the problem. All those resorts and casinos attract thousands of tourists which means enormous (usually drunk) crowds at all times.

Instead, you can skip all the crowds and money-eating casinos and just get all the lights over at the Neon Museum. It's made up of all the old and famous Las Vegas signs so you can not only get some great pictures, you'll also get a walk down some Las Vegas history.


Over in Nevada's neighbor state, you might know about Potato Chip Rock in California. It's become an Instagram hotspot for the optical illusion you get when you take a picture from the right angle. Sure it's cool, but you'll really just be waiting in line to take a picture of a rock.

If you're into hiking (which you need to do to get to the rock anyways) check out Alamere Falls instead. It's a rare natural waterfall that leads straight into the ocean. It's a beautiful place for a good snap and you also get to enjoy the ocean at the same time.


Across the country in New York, you might be tempted to visit the famous Color Factory. The museum dedicated to color was literally designed with Instagram pictures in mind but that's about it. There's really nothing else to do but take pictures and it's always packed with people.

If art and color is your thing, New York is full of unique and colorful street art. Instead of walking around in a single building, you can explore the whole city while finding little wall gems all over. And the best part is you don't have to pay anything to see them. These are some locations with some cool art if you don't know where to start:

Gigi by Tristian Eaton, 389 Broome Street

Tiger by Sonny, 185 Lafayette Street

Lion by Sonny, above 172 Allen Street

205 Club, 205 Chrystie Street


One of the most famous photographed locations is over in nearby Chicago: the Bean or formally known as the Cloud Gate. Again though, with all that fame comes the infamous crowds. And the bean is just a single art piece.

If you want a place that offers more, head over to Stony Islands Arts Bank. It's a super IG worthy museum that's also a great place to find under-the-radar art. Right now, they have an exhibition that honors and studies the political movement of the Black Panther Movement.


Lastly, if you haven't noticed, the Atlanta film industry has been booming these last few years. One of the more famous locations can be seen in the iconic Walking Dead scene. It was filmed from the Jackson Street Bridge which gets a lot of attraction because of the great skyline that you get. But you basically take the picture and keep it moving because it's really just a bridge.

Another place that offers amazing views of the skyline is the Sundial Restaurant. The best part about this place is that you don't just get some cool pictures, you can eat some pretty fancy food too. Views and food. What's better than that?


You don't have to totally skip out on the hyped-up places but if you're in the area, then you can just make your trip that much better by visiting the alternatives too. After all, what's a good picture without some great memories to go along with it?