Whether it costs you $150 or $550 protective styles are great for your hair for several reasons. Protective styling reduces ongoing heat and styling manipulation of your hair and encourages growth retention. We put together a list of the need to know steps for keeping your hair healthy while it's in a protective style. The first step in long-term protective styling is making sure that the install is done properly without being too tight or completely snatching your edges. Too much tension can lead to breakage that could have otherwise easily been avoided.  

Cleansing your scalp. Healthy hair starts at the root so making sure that your scalp is clean and healthy is crucial.  It’s normal to want to avoid washing so you don’t loosen the style or cause frizz but there’s a way around that! Grab an empty spray part and put 1 part shampoo to two parts water in the bottle and apply the mix directly to your scalp. Then go in and rub through your roots with your fingers. You can use a damp washcloth to get any excess shampoo off.  

Keep moisturized. Always the golden rule no matter the style you're wearing. While you have a protective style liquid product is going to be your best friend. Especially if it comes with a dropper or nozzle that can get to every little nook and cranny on your head. 

Protect at Bedtime. This isn’t only important for your natural hair but for keeping the style neat. Tying your hair up or sleeping on a satin pillowcase is the safest choice to protect your hair through the night.  

Lastly is ideal to take your protective style down after 4-6 weeks with 6-8 weeks being the maximum. Be gentle when you take the style down to avoid breakage. Start by finger detangling after you take your style down. After that you can go through with a wide-tooth comb. Detangling spray is a bonus! Also keep in mind that on average, we lose around 100-150 individual strands of hair per day. No need to be alarmed at the amount of shedding, after 2 months its completely normal.  Also be sure to let your hair breath between styles. And trim it! Keeping your hair regularly trimmed promotes healthy length!