Spring is right around the corner which means it's time to plan ahead for the season. You might already have the clothes and the shoes but what about your hair and makeup? A new season means it's the perfect time to try some new colors. But what colors should you go with? We're here with the inspo to help you pick.

Your skin's undertone can help you decide on exactly which shade to go with. When it comes to hair, a good guideline to follow is to use the opposite end of the spectrum to balance you out. So warmer hair shades for cool-toned skin and cooler shades for warm undertone skin. This balance will prevent you from looking washed out and will help the color pop more. Don’t know your undertone? Check out this article to figure it out.

Pastels might never be out of style during the spring and this holds true for the upcoming season. While it can be a radically different color if you've only ever stuck to natural colors, pastel shades are softer colors that can make the transition appear less dramatic and almost as if that could somehow actually be your natural hair color. The best part for our low maintenance ladies is that roots are in which means you can let them show and let them shine with your color. Pastel pink might be one of the most complimentary shades for any skin tone because there's a shade out there for just about anyone. If your skin has cool undertones, then a warm peachy pink will look great whereas warm-toned skin can shine with more of a rosy pink.

Because blue is naturally a cooler shade, it will tend to look best on warm-toned skin but if you have cool undertones, then we recommend blues that lean more towards greens and teals since those will have more warmth to them that will help balance you out.

Are pastels too been there done that? Then you're in luck because this season, deep, vibrant colors are in. Cool undertones will look best with oranges, pinks, and yellows. Warm undertones will look great with purples, greens, and blues.


Red hair will also be super in this spring so no matter your undertone, there's a red out there for you to try. Coppery reds are a perfect match for cool skin while burgundy reds compliment warm skin excellently.

Okay so maybe you're not ready for such bold color changes. We hear you. How about some subtle highlights? This spring, a single solid hair color will be more sought after than highlights. Stick with more subtle highlights for just the right amount of dimension without flashy color changes.


The natural hair colors to consider this season are inky blacks, toffee browns, and caramel blonde.

So there you have it. All the shades that Spring 2019 will bring. Which shade, or shades, are you looking forward to trying? Show it off! @boxbeautyco