Even though they faced some initial hiccups with Kanye West pulling out of his headlining gig, Coachella released the official lineup for the 2019 festival. The big name headliners will be Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino, and Tame Impala with other performances by Janelle Monae, Solange, Kid Cudi, Khalid, and Idris Elba. No, you didn't read that wrong. Idris Elba, the sexiest man alive (People Magazine's words, not ours…although…) and star of Luther will be DJ'ing at the world famous festival.

For some, this is super random news since he's best known for his acting roles but he's actually been in the DJ business for almost 30 years now and actually got into it before he ever got into acting.

On top of that, Idris also dabbled in kickboxing for a year back in 2016, winning a match against a professional kickboxer and has actively worked with the UK Parliament to fight Ebola in West Africa. We stan a multi-talented king.


Sure, Idris is a celebrity but honestly he's like a lot of us. Most people have multiple interests and passions, and instead of just sticking to one thing, we often like to fill our schedules with all the different activities that speak to us. While having a variety of interests in your life can be really fulfilling, it can also be the source of stress when your schedule is feeling a little too full. So how can you organize a busy schedule when it seems like there's a million things to do? We're here to help you figure that out.

First, learn to prioritize. When you have a bunch of things going on at the same time, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by all that you have to do which is why it's important to prioritize them. There are multiple methods that you can try out to get your priorities in check. One common method is called the Eisenhower Matrix, which sounds a lot more complex than it is. Basically, you organize all your tasks  into 4 categories based on their urgency and importance. This method is especially good when you need a fast way to get things started.


Another way to prioritize is the frog method which is based on the thought process that if you had to eat a live frog each morning, then you've already faced the worst part of your day. Luckily, there is no actual frog-eating going on. The idea is just that "When you have two frogs to eat, eat the ugliest one first" or when you have a lot of tasks to do, do the biggest, least desirable task first, because once you do it, everything else will come easily. No matter what method you choose, the important thing is that you're prioritizing the important things from the not-so-important ones.

Once you've established your priorities, you need to organize them. Even people with great memories can end up forgetting or confusing dates and tasks every once in a while. There's nothing worse than realizing you've forgotten your best friend's birthday or worse yet, forgot a project deadline so make use of a planner or calendar. You can go the old school method and use a written planner or make use of all the apps and features on your phone or computer to get everything down. This way, you'll never be caught off guard again.

Society has a way of making us feel obligated to do certain things, even when we don't always want to actually do them. While some things aren't really optional, others can be. Really think about all the things that are on your plate and figure out what your motivation is behind the things on your schedule. Are you forcing yourself to go to that work party because it's a great networking opportunity for your dream job? Or are you just going because you didn't want to say no? By doing this, you can better figure out if there are certain things you might be able to cut out of your schedule.

This bring us to the last point: learn to say no. We get it, you don't want to face that awkward moment of saying no to a favor or invitation. We've all been there. But the most important person you need to focus on pleasing is yourself because there will never be a way to successfully please everyone else. We're not saying that you should have a total disregard for anyone else's feelings but your own well-being and peace of mind shouldn't be compromised for the sake of another person. Work on saying no when you feel things are getting too overwhelming and know that it's okay to take time for yourself when you really need it. If this is something you really struggle with, start out small and work your way up to bigger tasks as you start getting more comfortable doing it. In the end it can be really liberating to say no as you take charge of your schedule instead of letting your schedule take charge of you.