23 years ago, the Spice Girls got their first #1 single with Wannabe. The single topped charts in 30 different countries and went on to sell six million copies worldwide. The song quickly became a war cry for female empowerment, it's also the single most iconic song of the Spice Girls catalog. The Spice Girls, one of the highest selling girl group of all time, were 90's icons and put a stamp on the phrase 'girl power'. The group's style is what best complimented their sound. It was almost impossible not to love them. There was an aesthetic for everyone. Scary sold edge. Sporty, obviously gave you every sporty chic/comfortable look you could imagine. Baby, always had a fun flirty flair. Ginger was the fire engine, everything bold! And Posh, as expected always gave us polished, sex appeal, and a face that let us know we could never. 

Like all things in fashion the 90's iconic daring style moments of the Spice girls in the 90's have come full circle. You can look at any of your favorite entertainers, socialites, and influencers and see that the Spice Girls are their true goals.  

Feminist Messaging in Fashion. Spice Girls made bold feminist statements and made it fashionable. You can walk into your favorite retailer right now and see Women Empowerment splashed across everything, shirts, bags, accessories, you name it. 

Space Buns are a summer style staple and just a fun style to try. Adding embellishment like gold thread and clips give it the Scary Spice flare. 

Retro Track suits. From break-away pants to joggers we don’t think we'll see the end of sporty chic anytime soon.  

Borrowing from the boys. Why should they get to have all the fun, and all the pockets. Signature menswear like suits and blazers has made a crossover back into a unisex style. 

Slip Dresses. The daring negligée or slip as a dress is now a social norm.  

Animal Print. Scary Spice's signature leopard. Only for the brave of course.  

Platforms, Platforms, Platforms! We saw how people took to creepers. Platform sneakers and sandals made their way back into the height of fashion a few years ago and are still going strong. 

Dad sneakers. Ugly. But apparently ugly is in. Even top brands like Balenciaga are getting in of the chunky dingy sneaker trend. 

Some might say Gabrielle Chanel, but let's not forget the moment Posh Spice invented the Little black dress.  

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