From YouTube videos to feature-length films! The news has dropped that beauty guru Jackie Aina will be executive producing and starring in a documentary about the impact of black women on the beauty industry. Titled Social Beauty, the documentary will not only star Jackie but also feature other big-name beauty gurus including Cydnee Black, Alissa Ashley, Whitney White, Shalom Blac, and Nyma Tang.

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Along with these beauty influencers, the documentary will also be talking with some of the industry's leading brand executives, beauty editors, and celebrity makeup artists to take a frank and honest look at how black women have influenced and been treated by the beauty industry over the years.


As someone who has always championed for black influencers in the beauty industry, it seems only natural for this to be Jackie's next career move. Since starting her YouTube channel in 2009, she's not only grown to have more than 3.5 million subscribers but now she also runs two widely-successful companies. We're so excited to see her use her platform to highlight and empower black women in an industry that, like many others, has overlooked them for so many years.


In honor of the upcoming documentary, we want to highlight more amazing black women in the beauty industry! Scroll down to see who we're following.


Bianca Renee / @mzbiancarenee

If you couldn't tell from her gorgeous hair, Bianca covers all things curls and haircare. Her passion for helping others achieve perfect, frizz-free curls has gained her over 500K subscribers on YouTube and even lead her to get featured in Essence magazine.


Shalom Blac / @shalomblac

As a burn victim survivor, Shalom has shown her millions of Youtube subscribers that no matter what you've been through, you can always stay confident and have self love.


Alba Ramos / @sunkissalba

If you're looking to find out more about clean and natural beauty, then Alba should be your go-to. Her YouTube channel, which has over a million subscribers, is full of wisdom on clean beauty products and DIY recipes that are safe to use for the whole family.


Raye Boyce / @itsmyrayeraye

With her infectious personality and love for all things makeup, Raye became the first black YouTuber to gain a million subscribers on her channel and has almost doubled her following since then.


Chime Edwards / @chimeedwards

Chime's YouTube channel is an excellent source for everything having to do with natural hair including tutorials and tips. She even features a "Thought Provoking" series that teaches her 300K+ subscribers the history and spirituality associated with black hair.


Monica Veloz / @monicastylemuse

Monica shares her life through her entertaining and informative hair and makeup tutorials on her channel. Her content is relatable for watchers who also share her Afro-Latina background but her talent and vibrant personality make it entertaining for everyone watching her videos.


Peak Mill / @peakmilll

When you're looking to slay your wig game, Peak will help you do it. She offers all the know-how on cutting, coloring, and styling your own wigs to take them from average to ultimate hair goals.


Ellarie Noel / @ellarie

Ellarie has gained a combined following of over 1.5 million online fans who tune in to watch her entertaining beauty and lifestyle vlogs. Not only do you get to watch all her useful tips, you can also get to know her adorable 9 year-old daughter who regularly appears on her channel.


Patricia Bright / @thepatriciabright

Based in the UK, Patricia has gained over a million followers on Instagram and over 2 million subscribers on YouTube where she covers everything from makeup to skincare and even fashion. Her talent has resulted in her working with several major beauty brands including Bobbi Brown and MAC Cosmetics.


Monica Stevens / @moknowshair

Known as MoKnowsHair, Monica dedicates her online presence to educating women on all the ways to care for and style their natural hair. Her videos feature a huge variety of hair models making it that much more informative and relatable for viewers.


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