Is your hair really done until you've laid your edges? For the edge enthusiast, the answer is a hard no. Perfect edges are like the cherry on top of your sundae. Except in reality they sometimes hold more weight than that because they can completely make or break your hairstyle. Because of that, it's important to perfect the art of styling your edges. And yes, it certainly is an art. Just look at these masterpieces if you don't believe us.


So how can you become a Picasso at laying and slaying your edges?

First and foremost remember that perfect edges start with healthy hair. Your edges aka baby hairs are finer and more delicate than the rest of your hair meaning that they can be more susceptible to damage and even complete hair loss. Despite their name, protective styles can actually do more harm than good especially to your delicate edges, when not done properly. Make sure to let your hair rest between installs and never tighten your edges in the style since the tension can cause a lot of breakage for the delicate hairs.

Now, the first step to laying those bad boys is spritzing them with water. No need to get your hair soaking wet, just getting them damp will do the job. Wet hair will be easier to work with because it will dry in the shape that it's set meaning that your edges will look snatched and last longer that way.

You'll want to use a toothbrush or edge brush as well as a rat tooth comb to create your desired style. For styles that are more intricate and require more precision, you can use the tip of the rat tooth comb to guide the hair where you want.


While gel might be the first product that comes to mind, it's not the only type you can use to snatch your edges. You can also use pomades, hair butter, and hair milk. Each product type offers different levels of hold with gel usually offering the most and milk offering the least. If you have extremely stubborn baby hairs, max hold edge control can be a life saver. When you go to lay your edges, apply two layers of product for maximum hold. For example, lay your edges with edge control and then top it off with gel.

Although you're using two layers, make sure not to use too much product since that can lead to flaking and crunchy looking edges. Just tapping the surface of the product with your brush can be enough. If you still have trouble with flaking, try adding a tiny bit of oil once you've styled your edges.


The last step to ensure your baby hairs aren't going anywhere is wrapping your edges in a silk scarf while the product dries completely. This move will let them dry free of frizz. Make sure to carefully remove the scarf afterwards and be ready to snatch all the wigs with your finished look.


Check out these tutorials for laying your edges.