Name something that feels as good as jumping into bed and feeling your sheets glide over your freshly-shaved legs. Can't think of anything? We can't either! There's just something that's so satisfying about silky smooth legs. Admittedly, smooth legs take work to achieve and maintain but like the saying goes, nothing worth having comes easy right? Luckily, you just need to follow a few quick tips to keep your legs feeling like silk.


Prep Your Skin. Full stop. Don’t just grab a razor and go. There are steps to getting a nice shave that keep your skins health in mind.  


Exfoliate. Exfoliating is pivotal when it comes to keeping your skin smooth with a healthy glow. Check out this blog on the perfect way to exfoliate.


Pick the right tools. Get a new razor A good razor will get you anywhere from 5-10 shaves. As expensive as razors can be, using a dull razor feels rough and abrasive against your skin. A nice clean sharp blade will get the job done the first swipe. 


Use a shaving gel and be generous! After you wet your skin you want to lather with a nice hydrating shave gel that helps lock in moisture and help the razor glide across your skin avoiding unnecessary cuts and pulling.  


Shave in the right direction. Public enemy number 1 when you start talking razor bumps or ingrown hair is shaving in the wrong direction.  

  • Underarms: Shave in all the directions the hair grows 
  • Bikini area: Shave in the direction of the hair growth first; then you can go against the grain for a closer shave 
  • Legs: Shave from the ankles up in soft strokes 


Apply a cold compress. This soothes your skin and cools any inflammation or irritation you possibly could cause before they get too out of hand. This is especially helpful for your bikini line.  


Witch Hazel is a great natural aftershave. Its alcohol free so it won’t be drying and it’s anti-inflammatory so it's good at reducing any redness and irritation. 


Coconut oil. Honestly, we’re here for any reason to use coconut oil. It’s the gift that just keeps giving. Give your skin a smooth finish while locking in a deep penetrating moisture.  


You can also skip the razor altogether and try a gentle hair remover cream or wax. While waxing sounds expensive here’s how you can safely do it at home. 


After following all these tips, your legs will be ready whether you want to go out and show them off or just stay in and enjoy how your sheets feel on your silky smooth skin. v