Need new Instagram pictures but social isolation is keeping your favorite photographer inside?  No worries, we’ve got the perfect solution for you to get the photo content your followers deserve. During quarantine, you have some extra time, so get creative!  Here's all the tips and tricks you need to get bomb IG content!

Get Inspired! 

This is your time to get creative! If you were contemplating on scrapping all of your Instagram content and starting over, what better time than now? Take this time to consider your Instagram feed- what do you want it to look like? What do you want your Instagram to say about you? Do you have a favorite color scheme? Do you have a favorite instagrammer that you can draw inspiration from? Making a moodboard might help you get your creative juices flowing!

Set up your space

We know you may want to go out and take great pictures for the gram, but you can find some great insta-worthy spaces in your own home! Think outside of the box! Create a story with your space. Maybe move some furniture around or set up a makeshift backdrop. You can also try to use rooms in your space you normally wouldn't think of like the bathroom or the kitchen - you’d be surprised by the hidden gems right in your own home! Step outside to get some fresh air, but don't forget to bring your mirror! Complete the #mirrorchallenge to get some unexpected content! You can thank us later!


Find the light

Using natural light for your at home photoshoot should be your go-to. But, you can get a little creative and use other light sources like lamps and colorful lights to get a different effect. Don't be afraid to experiment! 

For Earth & Justice {JUSTICE LEAGUE} in 2020 | Painting, Art, Windows

Camera vs Phone

If you have a camera and tripod that's great! Changing the camera's settings can give you more control than shooting your pictures on a manual setting. But no worries if you don't have a camera on hand, smartphones can give you more control than you think! The portrait setting on the Iphone is a great option to get a blurred background effect, you can also change the exposure and focal lenses to get the exact look you want. There are even third-party apps you can download that give you professional camera worthy focus. If you don't have a tripod, you can always prop up your phone using objects in your space like boxes or chairs to get the best angles!

Long Exposure GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


Think of this as an acting exercise. Embody a mood and reenact them in your photos! This will help you convey facial expressions and stray away from the blank look. Don't forget to learn your angles - knowing your angles will help you get pictures that you can't wait to post. Use this extra downtime to dress up a bit! Put on your favorite fit, do your hair and makeup and you'll be set! Bonus points if you make a day out of your at-home shoot, put together different looks in different locations so you have more content to post!


There are a ton of editing apps out there! We suggest that you try different ones till you find one that you like best. Think of your original photo as the canvas, and the editing apps as paint. Editing is a great way to enhance your photos and really get the look you want. Have fun with it!

Don't forget to be patient! After all, you do have all the time in the world! Have fun with your self (isolation) portraits and show us your results @BoxBeautyCo!