Stop! Step away from the trash can. It's easy to just give up on cheap wigs. You got it as an in-between style and rocked it for a few weeks but... its synthetic. It got big, it got ratty, stiff. Before you just toss it out, think about ways to really stretch your hard-earned dollars. Not all synthetic wigs are a lost cause. Sometimes they just need a little TLC. Below are a few simple ways you can revamp your synthetic wig to get the most bang for your buck. 

Curl it. Rod your wig with flexi or perm rods depending on how tight you want your curls dip it in boiling hot water, pat dry, and leave to dry overnight/the next few days. 

Steam it straight. You can use a clothing steamer to knock the wrinkles & kinks right out! (Or you can try using the steam from boiling water if you don’t have a steamer) Brush as you steam, and your wig will be as good as new 

Fabric Softener Wash. Strange we know, but synthetic wigs are a blend of fibers, so fabric softener can take your old wig and give it new life. Fill a tub/sink/bowl with cold water and add a cup of fabric softener. You can also add a bit of detergent to clean the wig. Allow your wig to sit for at least an hour then cold rinse it until the water runs clear. Blot dry with a t-shirt or towel and then hang it up to air dry. 

We're all about reusing resources. Let us know if you're going to revive any of your old wigs and send us your before and after pictures!