The end of the year usually means that holiday parties are almost inevitable. Whether it's a family gathering, a work event, or a friend's get-together, chances are you'll have at least one party to attend before the year is over. With only three weeks left in the year those plans are coming faster than you may think.

Don't be fooled, the most festive time of the year can also be the most stressful time of the year between holiday shopping and planning for the new year. On top of all that, you want to look good for any occasion this season and the pictures that are sure to follow. Well we're here to help you find the perfect hair-spiration. Take a look at our top 9 holiday hairstyles to inspire you.


Low Bun

Ready For The Holidays

First on our list is the low bun. The hairdo was a popular choice at the recent British Fashion Awards, even Megan Markle wore it for her surprise appearance at the event. And if it's good enough for the Duchess of Sussex, then it's certainly a look worth trying for your next holiday party.

Regal Puff

Ready For The Holidays

The regal puff is both elegant and fun. You get tons of volume and if you love showing off your curls but want something that looks more put-together, then this is a great look for you.


Deep Side Part

Ready For The Holidays

With the natural hair movement going stronger than ever, big hair is super in. For the holidays, part your hair in a deep side part and dress it up with some bobby pins to take it from every day to holiday.


Sleek Middle Part

Ready For The Holidays

If you want a sleek, clean look, the middle part with straight hair is your answer. It's a simple style that looks sexy and put together and has been around for years. The holidays are a time for the classics so this hairdo would be a perfect fit for your next look.

Half Up, Half Down Bun

Ready For The Holidays

Take some inspo form the young but ultra fashionable Skai Jackson. The half up, half down bun is a good style for the more casual get-togethers. It looks pretty effortless but adding some gold wiring to the bun will dress it up and make it look holiday ready.


Beret + Braids

Ready For The Holidays

Berets are very in right now and make the perfect accessory for a casual daytime holiday event. Accentuate the hat with some long braids and as the French say, you'll be looking tre chic.


High Ponytail

Ready For The Holidays

Channel your inner Ariana Grande by putting your hair up in a high ponytail. It's a youthful look but can still look very elegant and sexy. To level up the classic ponytail, add a few braids and hide the ponytail holder to make it look more put together.


Bangs are such a versatile look, they're practically an accessory. The best part is that you don't have to commit to actual bangs if you don't want to. Check out the videos to see how you can create faux bangs.

Wet Hair Look

There might have been a time when leaving the house with your hair looking wet was not the move…but that time is gone! Check out the video to see how you can get the look without actually stepping out into the cold winter air with wet hair. It does require a little more styling than just stepping out of the shower but it still looks very sexy and effortless.

There you have it, the top 10 looks to try at all your upcoming holiday parties! Whether you want to go all out or keep it simple, you're guaranteed to look perfect with one of these looks.


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