This ones for the Aries and Taurus babies! Birthdays usually are a time of celebrations and time with friends and family. Well, during the COVID-19 quarantine, celebrating your birthday might be difficult. Here are some ideas to make your big day special while social distancing. 

Virtual Party

Use Zoom or Google Hangouts to invite friends and family to be part of a virtual party! It's the second best thing to an in person party during social isolation!

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What's a birthday without cake? Grocery stores are still open so grab your favorite cake mix or something from the bakery and blow out the candles! 

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Plan for the future!

Quarantine won't last forever. Plan a party or a trip for when things settle down! 

Backyard Picnic

Pick up your favorite drive thru food or order something to deliver and set up a picnic! It'll get you out of the house for a bit and give you some time to enjoy being outside. 

Outdoor Fun

Speaking of outside, if there’s somewhere pretty around where you live, walking a trail or visiting a waterfall is perfect for your special day, especially if the weather is nice!

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Dress up anyway!

We’re all at home a lot more during this time so maybe you haven't felt the need to dress up much. Throw on some makeup and your favorite outfit! Kick it up a notch and have a mini photoshoot at home. Let instagram by your hype man!

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Treat yourself

Take time on your big day to do some self care! Take a bath, do a face mask, meditate - relax! Try a hair treatment you've been meaning to to do or pick up that book you said you wanted to read. It's all about you!

Things may be a little different right now, but don't let the coronavirus stop you from celebrating your day! Tell us what you did @BoxBeautyCo