We're right in the middle of the fall season and like every year, pumpkins are as popular as ever. Pumpkin spice lattes are in high demand and pumpkin patches everywhere are filled with fall enthusiasts, including Kylie Jenner. Earlier this week, she was spotted taking Stormi to a pumpkin patch and even though they're now broken up, Travis Scott also tagged along.


Kylie isn't the only one getting into the pumpkin spirit either. Miley Cyrus also shared her trip to a pumpkin patch on Instagram earlier in the month and Gabrielle Union shared a picture of her baby Kaavia dressed in the cutest pumpkin costume ever.


But photos and coffees aren't the only way to get into pumpkin season. Thanks to pumpkin's properties, it can actually be a great addition to you hair and beauty routines. The enzymes and hydroxy and essential fatty acids inside pumpkin can help to improve your skin's texture and appearance by stimulating cell turnover and strengthening your skin's ability to retain hydration. It even contains zinc which can help fight acne by decreasing oil production.

These nutrients can also help feed your hair. Those essential fatty acids we mentioned will also help to retain moisture in your hair and the vitamins inside pumpkin can also maintain a healthy scalp by improving cell turnover. Check out some of the ways you can incorporate pumpkin into your beauty regime.






With all the ways pumpkin can actually benefit you, now you have another excuse to get in on the pumpkin craze!