Like we mentioned in our Stop the Split blog, cold weather can take a huge toll on your hair. While it’s totally okay for you to wear your hair out during the fall and winter, it also helps to wear your hair in protective styles to shield it from harsh weather conditions. There is no technical definition for protective styles, but simply put, it is any style that protects your hair from environmental or chemical damage or manipulation. Aside from protecting your hair from the elements, these styles also help you to maintain your hair’s moisture intake, encourage growth retention, and even protect your ends from manipulation and breakage. If all of those reasons haven’t sold you on wearing protective styles more often, we have one more: they are super stylish. If you’re new to this, it can be a little challenging. So if you need some inspo, we got you covered. 

Now that you’ve got your protective style inspo, you can read Crown Protection for tips on how to maintain your new do! Don’t forget to share your favorite protective style with us by tagging @boxbeautyco for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!