Let's all take a moment to appreciate the ponytail. Of all the hairdos out there, the ponytail might be one of the most overlooked because of its simplicity. But like the saying goes, less really is more sometimes. And with all the different variations, the ponytail is far from being just a plain hairstyle. You can style them at different positions on your head, make them messy or sleek, do multiple ponytails, add accessories…the fact that the base style is so simple is actually what gives you the ability to add so much to it.

Ariana Grande is probably one of the biggest fans of the ponytail. It's pretty much been her signature look since she began her pop career and it's a pretty rare moment when you see her without a ponytail. Tyra Banks even recognized the impact of Ariana's signature hairdo, noting the "power" of her pony.


The thing about a ponytail is that it really can help you look and feel confident, all while keeping the hair out of your face. It's a win win. There's so many ways to style a ponytail but these tips can help you perfect your ponytail no matter what variation you go with.


Hide the hairband

Whether you're going for prim and proper or messy and casual, hiding the plain hairband is a must. It's a small detail but one that can make all the difference. If you want something a little more casual, try wrapping some of your hair around the headband at the end for a more subtle effect. One the other hand, if you want to make a statement, hide it with an accessory and your hairdo will immediately look more formal. For a 90s inspired look, go with a fun scrunchy. Yeah technically a scrunchy is a hairband but they are definitely not plain and can be showed off all you want.

When in doubt braid it out

A ponytail can look so much more fun when you add braids or twists to the style. Cornrow the top of your head or add single braids along the way. For even more variation, you can add accessories to the braids. The tail of the pony can also be mixed up with a big braid or you can make it a banded ponytail.


Go big or go home

You don't have to have long hair to get a long ponytail. No matter how long your natural hair is, you can always add inches with extensions. The longer ponytail, the more fierce the look. You can also use extensions to add volume if your hair is on the thinner side.


When you're putting your hair up in a ponytail, you no longer have the hair to frame your face. Statement hoop earrings and ponytails were pretty much made for each other. You can go with the classic hoop or a variation on them but either way, they're going to look great. After all, what better time to let your hoops shine than when there's no hair to get in their way?


Like you've seen, the simple ponytail can actually be anything but simple. Don't be afraid to mix it up! No matter where you're going, a ponytail can always be a good option. You can make it bold, subtle, casual, formal, really anything with just some styling and imagination. Play with different ideas and don't be afraid to channel the power of the ponytail.


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