You are your own worst enemy. We've all heard this before and even though there are plenty of trolls and haters out there who seem to find joy in bringing you down, the worst troll can exist in your own thoughts. There are even times when you might not realize that you're actually working against yourself. Some of the most common thought habits might seem harmless but they're actually doing a number on your self esteem and overall mental health. The first step to changing these habits is recognizing which ones gotta go and why.


"It’s all or nothing."

On the surface this might sound pretty motivating which is why so many of us have made it a life motto. Succeed or die trying. But is that really healthy? Think about how life actually works. Reality is rarely ever black and white. When you try to put things into neat little boxes like, "I have to be a millionaire by the time I'm 30 to be successful or I'm a complete failure" then you're going to be in for a lifetime of disappointment.


"Things will get better eventually."

Hear us out! When you've hit a rough patch in life, this might be exactly what you need to hear to keep you going.  But it's dangerous territory when you start using this mentality to replace your motivation. Don't let this mentality fool you into thinking that your life will get better without any effort on your part. Things don't just fall into place by chance, they're a result of your hard work and effort. If this habit is messing with your drive, stop thinking "things will get better" and start thinking "I'll make things better."



"It's better not to risk it."

We're not saying that you need to live like some type of dare devil, constantly and needlessly risking everything just for the sake of it. But there isn't really any reward without risk. Taking the safe route every time will deprive you of the chance to grow as a person and will just hold you back in the long run. Take risks, just make sure they're strategic.



"I should be…"

Remember when we all thought we'd be married with 2 kids by the time we were 25? Ha! No matter how much you plan your life out, it'll rarely work out the way you imagined. If you're constantly thinking about what you should have accomplished by now or what you should be doing according to a fantasized version of your life, you'll constantly feel overwhelmed and unsatisfied with yourself. It's good to remind yourself of all the things you've already accomplished or instead of pressuring yourself to do more.



"It'll be worth it in the end."

The hustle never stops. But sometimes it should. Grind culture put the idea in our heads that sacrificing your physical and mental health is worth it if it means reaching that next level of success. But no matter how much you love what you do or how determined you are, this mentality is going to cause you to burn out sooner or later and then even the things you loved the most become unfulfilling. There's nothing wrong with stepping back sometimes to refresh mentally and physically. Find out more about how to avoid burning out.


These thought patterns that you have form your inner dialogue. No matter how instinctual it seems, it's actually a habit that you can shape and improve. It starts with shifting your thought patterns and now that you know how to shift them to be more supportive, you're one step closer to going from your own worst enemy to your own best ally!