There was a time when music videos were just used to show off some nice cars or a cool dance number and that was that. But nowadays, singers and rappers alike create music videos that are often times works of art. So much thought and work goes into creating the videos that they're pretty much as important as the song itself.

And like any other piece of art, music videos can spark others' creativity and inspire them to create art themselves. One form of art that's often overlooked is nail art but if you've ever tried to paint your own nails, then you know it truly is an artform. And because art is mean to inspire, check out these nails inspired by some of our favorite recent music videos.

Leave it to Beyonce and Jay z to steal the spotlight from some of the most famous and revered paintings and sculptures of all time with Apeshit. It's no wonder that there are endless stunning visuals but we chose two of our favorites to inspire some nail designs.

If you've seen Travis Scott's Sicko Mode, then you know it's a trip. It uses some unique visual effects, like changing the color of the sky to green and having the moon take up the entire sky. The same way that the video plays with color is the way you can play with your nails' colors. Play with a mat finish on top of colorful metallic leaf paper or mimic the dark and creepy vibe from the black light scene.


Ariana Grande's 7 Rings is the perfect video for anyone who loves the color pink. You can stick with all shades of pink or channel some unicorn vibes by incorporating a cool blue into your nail set the same way that blue are featured throughout Ariana's video.


Another female powerhouse, Cardi B's Money music video had the perfect blend of risqué but stunning visuals. Cardi goes hard but she still looks glamorous throughout the whole thing. For a video like hers, it deserves some equally glamourous nails.


Tia Tamera by Doja Cat has all the color you could possibly want. It's like if cotton candy and Lisa Frank managed to design a music video. If you want a fun set of nails that make a statement, then this music video is right up your alley for all the inspo you need.


Shea Butter Baby by Ari Lennox and J. Cole is on the opposite end of the spectrum with the perfect music video to match the sultry and intimate song. The video limits its color palette to browns and oranges so think warm but muted tones for your nails.


All The Stars by Kendrick Lamar and SZA is a visual ode to African heritage mixed with galaxy vibes. You can channel the artistic video with some rich colors like a royal blue or mix blacks and golds for a regal effect.

With these music videos as the inspiration, you're bound to create some beautiful and unique nail designs. You'll have a work of art at your fingertips, literally!