If you're trying to figure out what hairstyle to use on your next date, you can never go wrong with pin curls. Also known as vintage waves, they're timeless, classy, and very romantic. Best of all, these curls aren't as hard to accomplish as you would think which makes them the perfect style for anyone from beginner hair enthusiasts to the experienced pros. Read on to find out how to perfect them!



Instead of wrapping the curl upward from the ends of your hair, place the styling tool near your roots and then wrap the section around it. The upper portion of your hair always tends to have a harder time holding curls because it's the part that's weighed down the most. By using the root-to-end method, you'll be making sure that the majority of the heat will be applied to the area of the hair that needs it the most.



The key to pin curls is the actual pinning of course! Make sure to pin up each curl right after releasing it from the heating tool so it doesn't lose its shape. To keep it in the curl, release the section of hair into your hand, spray it with a hairspray of your choice and pin it using duckbill hair clips as these will be the easiest clips to take out and won't leave a crease in your curl. As the curls cool down, they'll set in the shape that they're pinned.



You should let the curls completely cool off before taking them down so that they can really hold their shape. It takes around 10-20 minutes for the hair to cool down so if you're in a rush, this is the minimum amount of time you'll want to aim for. The longer you leave your hair pinned though, the better the curl will hold.


Brush them out

Starting from the bottom of your head and working your way to the top, carefully take out the clips. Once you've removed them all, you can brush your hair out with a fine tooth comb and shape the soft waves. For added hold, spray another layer of hairspray after brushing them out.


These tips will get you in the right direction and before you know it, you'll be able to look like you just stepped out of an old Hollywood movie! Check out these styles for inspiration.











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