So far, 2020 has been…a lot. We're not even halfway through the year but already we've experienced enough chaotic events to make up a hefty chapter in history books. With the economy and society in so much turmoil right now, it's hard not to feel stressed, depressed, anxious, etc. But even in these tough times, you should still make an effort to take care of yourself just as much as you would others. After all, you can't pour from an empty cup right?

While any of us could benefit from a long-overdue vacation or spa day where we can just unplug from the stresses of life, we know those are not very attainable options for most of us right now. Luckily that's not the only way you can find a little peace during these times. Keep scrolling for a few ideas.


Face mask

One of the easiest ways to destress is with a little skincare. Just taking 10 to 20 minutes to pamper yourself can go a long way to make you feel regenerated. Try out this super simple DIY face mask that combines the healing and soothing properties of lavender and raw honey.



For all the holistic queens out there, the right healing crystal might be just what you need to improve your mind and body. There's a variety of crystals that can be used specifically to help bring peace and tranquility in your life. If this peaks your interest, consider using larimar, rose quartz, pink calcite, or amethyst all of which promote peace and meditation.



Hair treatment

When you're caught up with the pressure and stresses of life, keeping up with your hair can be hard to do. Sometimes these things might seem trivial when you have too much going on but taking some time to recuperate after a long day and treating yourself to some TLC is definitely important to keeping that inner peace.



There's just something about the soft flickering light of candles that can instantly lift your mood. Whether you want to transform your bubble bath into a true spa-like experience or just have some lit while you sit and work, candles are a simple and easy way to bring a little tranquility to your life.



Meditation app

By far, one of the best ways to fight stress is through meditation. Studies have shown that even just taking a few minutes every day to meditate and mentally unplug can improve your overall health. Getting started on meditation can seem tricky but luckily for you, there are countless apps that can help put you on the right path. For a free meditation app, look into Smiling Mind which was created by psychologists and educators to cater to users of all ages.


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