Whew Chile…Offset really went all out for Cardi this weekend during her Rolling Loud appearance. During her performance, Offset had flowers brought out on stage with the message "Take Me Back Cardi". He then went onstage himself to talk to the rapper. Cardi didn't seem very impressed by the gesture and after exchanging a few words with her ex, he left the stage.

Open Till Late

Despite the stunt, it was only a few minutes later when Cardi was back at it, performing her hit songs and making history at the festival as Rolling Loud's first female headliner. Although the Offset and Cardi drama has become the main talk of the weekend event, the rest of the festival seemed to go down fairly smoothly, with headline performances by Post Malone, Lil Wayne, and Lil Uzi Vert, and almost 90 other performers.

The festival was set to end around 11pm but it's safe to say that a good amount of festival goers didn't end their night so early. We've all been there, having a night that's too fun to call it in and staying up way longer than you should have. If you're in school, you've probably had a lot of late nights too, whether it's from partying or staying up to study for that big test. And let's not forget when you have sleepless nights due to working late or work-related stress. Whatever the reason, almost everyone has probably experienced sleep deprivation at one point or another.

When those nights happen, not only are you going to wake up feeling tired, but chances are you're also going to look tired. While nothing solves a sleepless night like actually getting the sleep you need, there's a few things you can do to help hide the consequences of a late night until you're able to get back in bed.


For Skin

A sleepless night will often result in dull, dry skin so when you wake up, exfoliate your face to remove dead skin and reveal a fresh, bright complexion.

Bonus points if you wash your face with cold water. The cold temperature will not only help wake you up but it will also help close up your pores to give you smoother-looking skin.

Follow up with a good moisturizer to hydrate your skin. Massaging moisturizer into your skin will also stimulate your blood vessels, adding a little more color into your face.

Use caffeine. When applied to skin, caffeine can reduce redness and swelling by constricting the blood vessels in your skin. But please don’t dump hot coffee on your face, just use a product with caffeine in it or a DIY recipe to liven up your eyes and skin. Leave that hot coffee in your mug and just drink it. Lord knows you need it any way you can get it.

For Eyes

Another dead giveaway of a sleepless night are your eyes. Red, puffy eyes are a common symptom of sleep deprivation but there are some things you can do help alleviate them.

To fix the puffiness, apply a cold compress to reduce the swelling. This can include the back of a metal spoon, used tea bags or the classic cucumber slices.

To reduce redness, try using over-the-counter eye drops designed for redness reduction or use some makeup to camouflage. If you go the makeup route, applying a white or skin-colored eyeliner to your waterline will make your eyes pop and look bigger. Using mascara will also make you look more awake by opening up your eyes.

Open Till Late

Practice prevention

We all know the importance of getting a good night's sleep but we also know that sometimes a party is too poppin to leave early or you know, you might fail that test if you don't stay up cramming. When you have those nights, there are still some things you can do before going to bed to help you wake up looking fresher.

Use an extra pillow or two to elevate your head while you sleep and prevent blood from pooling under your eyes creating those dreaded bags.

Sleep on your back to reduce sleep lines and overall face puffiness.

If you're up late partying, then you want to drink lots of water anyways so you don't wake up feeling like death but it's a good idea to drink water for any kind of sleepless night. Water will help combat dehydration that can leave you looking dull and puffy.

And of course, when you finally get the chance, get all the sleep you can get to recover and feel refreshed once again.Open Till Late