Ah, bangs. One minute you want them and the next you regret getting them. And then you want them again. And every time you change your mind the age old question continues: "Should I get bangs?" If you're on the fence about getting them, here are a few things you want to consider first.


It's a commitment.

The perfect fringe requires time, money, and products. To maintain the perfect fringe, you'll have to get it trimmed more often to reshape it. It can vary depending on the thickness and length that your bangs are but generally you'll want to trim them every 2-5 weeks in order to keep them looking good.

Unfortunately, bangs aren't usually a woke-up-like-this kind of hairstyle so on top of regular trims, you should also be ready to spend an extra few minutes styling them every morning to get them looking the way you want. 


What hair type do you have?

Everyone's hair is different which means that the same haircut can wind up sitting differently on one person compared to the next. Don’t expect your bangs to turn out exactly like the picture you're using as inspo. Instead, cut your bangs in a style that will work well with your hair type. There a lot of variations so anyone wanting to get bangs can find a style that looks great on them.


Bangs are for curly/textured hair too!

Don't listen to anyone who says that bangs don't work well on curly hair! Like we said, anyone can rock a perfect fringe with the right cut and curly and kinky haired babes are no exception. Your best bet is to cut bangs while your hair is dry so that you can see exactly how the bangs will turn out with your curls intact. The right cut will mean you don't have to apply any sort of heat styling afterwards to get them to look right, just a couple of hair products should be all that you need.



You'll need the right products.

Speaking of products, finding the right ones is key to perfecting your fringe. If you have curly or kinky hair, you'll want to use products that aren't too heavy so they don't weigh your curls down or make them look crispy. On days that you're not washing your hair, dampening your bangs with a little water and applying a light mousse or leave-in conditioner will do the trick.



Complement your face shape.

Along with cutting your bangs according to your hair type, you also want to make sure that you cut them to complement your face shape. Heart shaped faces look best with side swept bangs. Round facial structured also look good with side swept or front, wispy bangs. A heavy fringe will look best on square faces. If you have an oval face, then pretty much any style can look good on you!



Hair grows back!

At the end of the day, bangs aren't everyone's cup of tea even if you do look great with them. If you get them and realize it's just too much upkeep or you're just not feeling the style after all, remember that they will grow out and probably be healthier than ever. In the meantime, these are some ways to hide your bangs while trying to grow them back out.


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