The big chop can be one of the most liberating, exciting, and also scariest moments in your hair journey. But after you've gone through with it, there's another moment that doesn't seem to be talked about as much and that's the grow out process. You always see pictures of the beautiful volume and lengths when your hair has reached your goal but it takes time to get to that point and in the meantime, you'll be stuck in the in-between length.

Yep that point where your hair has grown past a daring buzzcut, past the cute pixie and TWA but hasn't exactly reached peak hair length goals. This is the dreaded stage that so many struggle with and unfortunately there's not much you can do to avoid this time if you've chopped your hair off. But there is hope! You're not the only one who's gone through the struggle and luckily, others have thought up of some really cute and creative hairstyles specifically for everyone at this point in their hair journey. Check out these 10 styles that are perfect for that awkward length hair stage.


Bobby Pin Art

Quite possibly one of the easiest styles you can do that looks great. Honestly your only limit is how many bobby pins you have.


One-sided Flat Twist

Flat twists will become one of your best friends at this stage of the grow out process because they're so easy to do. If you've never tried flat twists before or haven't gotten the hang of smaller ones, this is a good starter style.


Faux Hawk

There are multiple ways to achieve the final look which means it's great for anyone at any skill level. You can bobby pins the sides or create a series of ponytails/puffs down the center of your head. If you want a more intricate version, you can cornrow or flat twist the sides.


Flat Twist Pony Tails

Larger flat twists can sometimes be easier to do so you can try your hand at this style and the zig zag part adds a unique twist.


Space Buns

Space buns are a fun and easy style. You can even place them anywhere on your head and accent them with twists, braids, or accessories.


Half Up Half Down

When you can't put all of your hair up because it's too short, don't! The half up half down is easy but far from boring. You can create a bun with the top half, mix it up with space buns, or add bangs.


High Puff

Contrary to belief, you don't need long hair to achieve a high puff. The secret is just an extra large hair tie or thin hairband.


Twisted Bang Twist Out

If you've master small, neat flat twists, then you should go for this style which requires a little more effort but the final result is gorgeous.


Flat Twist Afro

If a twist out is not your forte, then this flat twist afro might be right up your ally.


Twisted Tuck Updo

When you want to get all your hair out of the way, this can be a great solution. It's elegant enough to wear for work or a nice event but can also look great as just an every day kind of style.


Despite being notorious for limited options, these ladies show that a little creativity actually goes a long way at this stage of your hair journey. Now you can prove that the awkward stage doesn't have to be so awkward after all!