Is there anything worse than spending hours working on your makeup only to turn out with a cakey finish only a short time later? Your makeup masterpiece deserves to last all day without separating or looking a hot mess after only a couple of hours. But wanting to make it last all day is not always as easy as actually making it happen. The goal is not impossible though and with these tips you can keep your makeup perfectly smooth and in place all day long!

Before starting your actual makeup application, you gotta prep that skin. Imagine trying to paint a wall without removing the old, peeling wallpaper first. That's definitely not going to look smooth in the end is it? The same goes with your skin. Exfoliating on a regular basis removes old, flaky skin which not only can give you a smoother finish in the short run but can also help prevent breakouts in the long run. After exfoliating, moisturize that skin! No matter if you have dry or oily skin, you need that moisturizer to prevent flaking or excessive oiliness that will result in cakey makeup.


After moisturizing, apply a good primer. There are primers that are meant to "blur" imperfections such as pores and wrinkles so you have a smoother finish. There are also primers designed to hydrate the skin or keep oils in check so that your makeup can stay in place and won't separate throughout the day. Find one that meets your needs and don't skip out on this step!

For those with really oily skin, try applying setting powder before you apply your makeup. We know that seems weird but many people swear by this as it will help set in your primer and create an added layer of oil control. For even more lasting power, try using eyeshadow primer as regular primer in trouble areas. Check out the video to see how:


Now comes the actual makeup application. Make sure to use the right tools when applying your foundation. Your fingers and hands might be the most convenient and cost efficient way but you're not going to get a flawless finish with them. Instead, use a brush or applicator sponge for an airbrushed effect and make sure to regularly wash them. Tools with old makeup will just mix that old, dried out makeup with the fresh one and prevent a nice finish. On top of that, it's a breeding ground for bacteria which just means breakouts that will not give you a smooth finish.

If you want a full coverage effect, don't apply a single, thick layer but rather a thin layer and build over it. By applying thinner layers, you give your skin a chance to absorb the makeup properly instead of having it all glob up.

How much makeup you apply at a time isn't the only thing to consider but also in what direction you apply it. Using downward strokes instead of upwards strokes will mean you're applying you makeup "with the grain" of your peach fuzz. Applying it upwards, on the other hand can lift the fuzz and enhance pores making you look more cakey.

After you apply your foundation and concealer, set that makeup! Start with a translucent finishing powder. Some people swear by "baking" to accomplish a smooth finish while others complain that it actually causes dry patches. It's dependent on your skin type so try it out and see if it's for you. If you find that it does leave unwanted dry patches, apply a thin layer all over your face instead without baking. Either way though, you do want to apply a finishing powder since it will help control oil and create more of a blurring effect on your skin.


The last step is setting spray. Think of it like hairspray but for your skin. Not only will it keep your makeup in place but some are now also designed to protect your skin from the elements which will just keep your skin healthier in the long run.

Whether you want to use makeup to enhance your natural features or to create pieces of art, you don't want a cakey finish after only a few hours. By following these steps, you can make sure that you look like you just finished doing your makeup, even if it's actually been a whole day.