Nicki Minaj's European leg of her Nicki Wrld Tour has less than 10 stops left before it wraps up and honestly, it'll probably be a relief for her given all the issues the tour has faced. The shows have had their ups like featuring local female rappers on some of the nights and honoring the Manchester victims during the city's show. But unfortunately, her tour has been in the headlines since before it even started and it's not for good reasons. In fact, the tour has been plagued with so many issues that some people are comparing the tour to the now infamous Fyre Festival. Let's look at why.

Although it's now called the Nicki Wrld Tour, it was originally supposed to be the NickiHndrxx Tour co-headlined by Future. All the dates were set, announcements were made, and all the advertising had gone into the tour. And then everything fell apart and that tour never actually happened. Sound familiar?

The tour was supposed to start in the states back in September of 2018 but even that couldn't go according to plan. Nicki cited that she would only have a month to rehearse for the tour instead of the three that she had originally intended and rather than sacrifice the show's quality, she opted to push back the North American leg of the tour to start after the European one.

But of course it couldn't be as simple as all that. First came the speculation that the real reason she delayed it was due to low ticket sales. Technically the shows were selling pretty slowly but even then, it would cost a lot more money and work to reschedule the entire North American leg than to just go through with the low-selling shows. Chances are that Nicki was telling the truth about why she pushed it back but still, those low ticket sales were a definite L.

Which brings us to the second problem that Nicki encountered.

With the show dates being delayed, Future ended up having to pull out of the tour completely due to scheduling issues and was replaced by Juice Wrld, hence the name change to the Nicki Wrld Tour. Although Nicki stans probably weren't fazed, there were a lot of disappointed Future fans out there after the announcement.

And unfortunately the problems haven't stopped since the revamped tour officially started roughly a month ago. The first show seemed to go off without a hitch in Munich but the second concert in Slovakia was cancelled last minute, leaving fans who had literally already shown up to the venue frustrated. Only a few nights later, the same thing happened at the Bordeaux, France show. Fans who had already arrived were so upset that they started chanting "Cardi B" in retaliation. Nicki explained that neither venue had enough power to facilitate the shows and she wasn't made aware until hours before the show but that didn't do much to appease jilted fans.

This brings us to the most recent drama of the tour. Fans in Dublin, Ireland once again faced disappointment when the concert was cancelled last minute. This time the weather was to blame since choppy waters made it impossible for boats to arrive with some of the necessary concert equipment. But like the other times, a lot of fans weren't all that satisfied with the reason and once again started chanting Cardi's name to retaliate. It also didn't help that rumors surfaced that Nicki never even arrived to Dublin since no one saw her at the arena. Fans were first told to hold on to their tickets because of the possibility of rescheduling but only a few days later were offered refunds instead when it was confirmed that they wouldn't be rescheduling the show at all.

So lows sales, delays, cancellations…the tour is really going through it. Some people think the tour is just proving that Nicki's career has already climaxed and is now on the down slope. Others blame the Fyre Festival level of poor planning and bad luck. The France and Slovakia venues that she cancelled were in smaller cities which might explain why they weren't properly equipped to handle her concert. While you can't blame her for that, you can point fingers to whoever decided to wait until the last possible moment to actually pull the plug on the shows.

There's still a couple of shows scheduled for Europe and then there's the whole North American leg of the tour left to go which has yet to drop tour dates or locations even though it's supposed to start in May. Is that already a sign that the tour will continue to struggle? We'll just have to wait and see.