Even though it's only been about a year and a half since Cardi B reached superstardom, it's hard to imagine a time when she wasn't famous. She went from making Instagram videos to starring on Love & Hip Hop: New York to having one of the biggest albums of the year and working on several high-profile brand collaborations. Her Fashion Nova collection sold out within seconds of going live, breaking the company's sales records. Tom Ford named a lipstick after her which also sold out. She also partnered up with Steve Madden for a collection and has an upcoming collab with Reebok. Soon, she'll be a judge on Netflix's hip hop talent search show. It goes without saying that Cardi is everywhere and despite what some people said, she's staying long after her 15 minutes.

One of the things that has lent to Cardi's massive following is her bigger-than-life personality that draws fans in by making her fun and relatable on some level. There's no doubt she's just living true to herself and taking us all on a ride with her. If you had no idea who she was, you could probably get a good idea of her just by looking at her fashion sense. Her style is vibrant, trendy, and never boring. A perfect representation of her.

Part of what makes Cardi's sense of style so unique are all the bright color combinations. You might think that bright colors are go-tos only in the summer but we're here to show you that they can fit in perfectly for your winter wardrobe. Inspired by Cardi's vibrant personality and fashion, we picked out the top color combos to incorporate into your wardrobe this winter!


Green + White

Invasion Of Color

Green and white can be a classic winter combination. But for those looking to change it up, do like Cardi and go for a brighter shade of the color. It'll be a classic look with a twist. 

Black + Yellow

Invasion Of Color

Winter can be such a somber time. If you find yourself getting the winter blues, break the dreary atmosphere with a bright combination like yellow and black! You can get a pop of color with the yellow but the black will help to add an air of sophistication to the look.

Pink + Maroon

Invasion Of Color

Maroon and a soft pink honestly go so well with one another. The deep tone of maroon is given a more delicate and feminine touch by the soft pink.

Purple + Grey

Invasion Of Color

Purple is probably the last color you'd think of for winter but it's that surprise factor that will make you look perfectly trendy. Pairing it with a grey will help to keep the look clean and not overpower the purple.

Blue + White

Invasion Of Color

A bright blue will make a statement but won't be too overpowering if combined with a neutral color like white.

Black + Pink

Invasion Of Color

You'd probably be more likely to associate bright pinks with the summer but you can absolutely wear it in the winter and look good doing it. You can tone done the playful color by matching it with black.

Yellow + Turquoise

Invasion Of Color

This is definitely not your average winter color combination. But if you love to make a statement, then a yellow and turquoise will do the job. You can make the yellow the focal point of your outfit while using the turquoise to accessorize.

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