Whether you’re relaxed or natural, as the seasons change so should your hair routine. Seeing as how Fall is here, what better time than now to alter your hair regimen? From crisp air to cool winds, we have a few steps you can add to your routine to sustain your healthy hair all season long.


Experts agree that you should trim your hair every 3-4 months. If the last time that you trimmed your hair was in the beginning of Spring, it’s safe to say that it’s time for a trim. The ends of your hair are naturally vulnerable and break easy and in the cooler months this is intensified. Every day manipulation, coloring, and using heat tools all have an effect on your ends. I know, you just read a DIY article about “How to Repair Damaged Ends”, but the truth is the only real way to repair them is to cut them. Always remember it’s quality over quantity when it comes to healthy hair, and in the end you’ll see much more growth. If you’re not sure how to trim your ends, we suggest you go see a professional or check out the video down below.

We know in the summer months we stray away from extra oils in our hair, but in the cooler months they’re essential for hair moisture. Oils help to lock in moisture and seal your ends which prevent splitting and breakage.


Everybody knows about the importance of deep conditioning year-round, but it's time to take it up a notch in the cooler months. Because of the dry air, it’s harder to retain moisture so it’s imperative that you deep condition regularly. For deeper saturation, consider using a steamer or adding a plastic shower cap and getting in a warm shower.


PROTEIN! PROTEIN! PROTEIN! And we aren’t taking about your morning shake. Adding a protein treatment will do wonders for your hair in the cooler months. Your hair needs nutrients to decrease shedding and regain elasticity. Before you go out and stock up on all the protein treatments, check your hair’s porosity and make sure that your hair isn’t protein sensitive.


Weaves, wigs, twist-outs, braids, whatever you choose, low manipulation styles are going to be your best friend this season. We’re not saying never touch your hair again, but low manipulation styles will help you retain moisture, keep your ends tucked, and eliminate breakage. Check out one of our favorite protective styles for the season below.


Keeping your tresses protected during the Fall isn’t a hard thing to do. Just keep these extra steps in mind on wash day and it will be smooth sailing ‘til March.

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