The Cheetah Girls are back, but not in a way 9-year-old us had hoped for. Last week in true COVID-19 social distancing fashion, Kiely Williams and Raven-Symone hopped on Instagram live to discuss the tension between the group. The call came after Kiely Williams' fiery Youtube video addressing years old rumors and beef surrounding The Cheetah Girls and 3LW. 

One of the first things that Raven admitted on the call was that the main reason why she opted out of The Cheetah Girls: One World was because she felt excluded from her group mates, which also included Adrienne Bailon and Sabrina Bryan. “Not that it was strong to begin with, but I felt excluded... we have other things that just led up to that moment that just were weird, personal outside of business,' Raven admitted. Kiely then stated that she never meant to intentionally hurt Raven, which in turn allowed Raven to say "I release any pain towards you that I have, and I cancel, clear and delete it."

Kiely Williams also opened up about her failed friendship with Adrienne. Williams stated that  the damage of someone she considered her best friend not checking up on her when her father passed is irreversible. Raven, who is still friends with Adrienne Bailon, called for the two to put their pride aside and simply talk it out. Check out the live below for more cheetahlicious tea!