Social distancing isn't too hard when you have Netflix! Mixed with the unpredictable weather that can come with rainy April, this is the perfect time for Netflix and Chill!. If you’re already running out of things to watch during quarantine, no worries - here's a list of new additions to Netflix this month!

April 1st

Cadillac Records 

Just Friends 

The Perks of Being a Wallflower


Soul Plane

The Hangover

The Matrix(s)

The cover art on the first Matrix is blue when the Matrix itself ...

The Roommate

The Runaways

The Social Network

Nailed It Season 4

April 3

Money Heist Season 4

April 10

Love Wedding Repeat 

The Main Event 

April 15

The Outer Banks 

April 16 

Despicable Me 

April 17


Coffee and Kareem 

Never Have I Ever