How old were you when you found out that the old-timey movie that Kevin watches in Home Alone isn't an actual movie? If it was today years old, then you're not alone. Seth Rogan blew thousands of people's minds over Christmas after he tweeted about the fake movie.

That's right. The movie scene for "Angels With Filthy Souls" was specifically shot for Home Alone. We know, this means your entire childhood was a lie and now your dream of watching the 40s gangster movie while you're alone the same way Kevin did is no longer. Sorry about that. But don't let that turn you off from spending some time alone. Although humans are social creatures, we also need time to be by ourselves. Alone time is great for reflecting on yourself and your life without other people's input clouding your thoughts. It can also be a great time to recharge and escape some of life's stresses by letting you forget about the outside world and just focus on those things that make your feel good. We've got a list of the perfect solo trips and tasks to do next time you find yourself alone.

Go To The Movies

First on the list is kind of the opposite of what Kevin did. Thanks to Netflix and all the other streaming services out there, staying in to watch a movie might already be a regular habit of yours which might make the whole thing feel stale and boring. To change it up, go out the movies instead. It might sound like a lonely thing to do but if you really think about it, it's pretty great. You pick the movie you want instead of possibly compromising on one and you don't have to worry about anyone trying to talk to you throughout the film or if you're the talkative one, you won't have anyone shushing you.


Improve/Discover a New Hobby

When you're doing something you love and something that's fun for you, it can help you destress and feel more fulfilled in life. That’s why it's important to have personal hobbies. If you already have one, then spending some time alone to get better at your craft can be great because you'll be improving on something that means a lot to you and that can feel very satisfying. If you don't have a hobby yet, then spending time alone to figure it out is perfect because you can try out many things and decide what you enjoy the most, without having anyone else's opinions muddle your own. Plus, creating and perfecting your own hobbies can also lead you to find others who share your interests in the long run.


Have A Spa Day/Night

One of the functions of alone time is having time to recharge and relax so what better way than to have a spa day/night? You can book an appointment for yourself at a spa or create your very own in the comfort of your home. Either way, the important thing is that you're taking the time to care for yourself. Like the saying goes, you can't pour from an empty cup. Everyone deserves to treat themselves a spa experience is a great way to do it so that you feel refreshed and ready to once again take on all of life's challenges afterwards.



When you're by yourself too much, sometimes it can become easy to get too caught up in your own head and in your own life struggles. To prevent that from happening, you can go out and volunteer to help those that are less fortunate than yourself. when you do it on your own, you not only can decide to work for a cause that's very near and dear to your own heart, but you're more easily able to detach from your own life and focus on those that you're trying to help. What better way to inspire gratitude and also feel fulfilled than by helping others in need?


Organize Your Finances

While enlisting the help of a friend or family member to figure out finances can seem like a good idea, it might do more harm than good. For one, unless they're professional financial advisors, whatever information they give you might be flat out wrong. Second, you might be more tempted to spend money or overall make poor financial decisions when you're socializing and having fun (we've all been there). Because it's your money and your future in question, it's up to you to take charge of your finances and make the decisions that you feel are right for you, not anyone else. Plus, it's really empowering to do the research and make your own decisions regarding your future.


Visit A Museum

A lot of people think that museums are just not for them. It's understandable. Boring school trips when you were younger and possibly awkward dates at a museum could be enough to turn a lot of people off from them. But it could be worth visiting the museum on your own. You can go to the sections that actually peak your interest instead of being forced to stop at ones you don't like and you don't have to put up with forced conversations. And you might even discover new areas of interest by checking out the exhibits yourself and forming your own opinions rather than listening to that of someone else's. Museums can also be very peaceful and since the whole atmosphere of the places are usually designed for reflection, you don't have to feel lonely when hanging out by yourself.


Treat Yourself To A Nice Dinner

Who doesn't like food? Being by yourself doesn't mean you have to stick to take-out or fast food. You can hit up that nice restaurant on your own and enjoy all your favorite dishes or try out new ones. Alternatively, you can stay in and cook your own dinner. The great thing about cooking for yourself is that you don't have to worry about anyone else's preferences or dietary requirements. You can make whatever you want which will help you build up your list of recipes and will also make you more independent because you can make your own food rather than always having to go out to eat.


Travel Alone

Thanks to today's technology, traveling has become much more attainable for people. With that said, there's a stigma around solo travel, particularly for women, for the idea that it's dangerous and overall a lonely experience. But the truth of the matter is that as long as you follow basic safety precautions, it's not any more dangerous than what you face in at home. When you travel alone, whether it's abroad or just to the city next to you, you're able to depend solely on yourself and consequently, do whatever you want. You can go wherever you want, site see on your own schedule and meet new people in the process. Traveling alone can really help you realize that you don't need to depend on anyone else and what's more liberating and fulfilling than that?


So maybe you can't stay in and watch that old-time mob movie from Home Alone but now you see there’s still a lot of ways to spend quality alone time. And the best part of all is you don't have to find a VHS player or have two burglars interrupting your "you time."