Well it's been 3 years since Rihanna dropped ANTI and we're all still anxiously waiting for her to release new music. In December of 2018, she casually let it drop through a fan response on Instagram that after 3 long years, she would be dropping a new album in 2019. She hasn't given any more details about the album drop but recently reminisced on the 3 year anniversary or ANTIversary of her last album.


Since we still don't have any info on her upcoming album, all we can do is wait and hope that she didn't mean it would be coming out in late 2019. While we wait for her to give us more musical inspiration, we can get some looks inspo from some of her most iconic looks. Check out our top choices and find out how you can accomplish the same look.


In honor of her album ANTI, the first look we love is from Rihanna's ANTI celebration. The bantu knots paired with the hoop earrings and black lipstick is definitely a vibe. Grab some edge control to style your edges and use a curler to get some big curls.


Arguably one of the most iconic looks by Riri was the Swarovski crystal dress from the 2014 CFDA Awards that she paired with a matching durag and gloves. Most of us can't exactly go out and buy a dress made out of Swarovski crystals but we can still get pull some major inspo from the look. If you're going out but are running short on time to do your hair, consider a blinged out durag like Robyn's for a quick but still done up look. Her makeup also makes for the perfect night out. A black smokey shadow will be perfectly balanced out with a nude lip.



If you're looking to incorporate more color, look to Rihanna's courtside style. She paired a casual sweatshirt with red lipstick, a lowkey eye combo and a fun faux septum ring. With that makeup, you can style your outfit down or do it up for a more formal look.


For an even more colorful look, go for a bolder lip color like the one Rihanna has in this look. A bright purple lip is matched with some thick winged eyeliner. With the cold winter weather, the beret will be cute and fun way to keep your head warm. A bright red version will keep the look fun but you could also pair it with a more toned down color like black.


If a bold lip isn't what you're looking for, then you can still have color on your eyes. Pair a lilac eyeshadow with a nude lip for a fresh day look. You can also match your makeup with a hairdo like Rihanna's blunt bob. Turning the ends outwards just a bit will keep the look fun and youthful.


Another top look by Miss Robyn Fenty is from her 2015 Diamond Ball. We love this look for the simple but elegant vibe. The host of the ball got the vibe going with long slicked back hair. To accomplish her hairstyle, you'll want some gel with a strong hold to keep that hair snatched and some edge control to perfect those edges. The slicked hair looks great with neutral tones of makeup like what Rihanna is wearing. The soft glam look is perfect for both night and day.



If you're looking for a hairstyle with a little more oomph, then why not try a power puff like Rihanna? In this look, the makeup is similarly lowkey like the Diamond Ball style but it allows all the attention to go to the hair. A fun curly puff can work perfectly for both the daytime and nighttime. Rihanna paired the puff with bangs but you don't have to make a full commitment to the hairstyle. For a more temporary style, try out some faux bangs.


Last up on the list is the look that Rihanna sported at the Black Girls Rock! event in 2016. The hair stays slicked down but has a fun twist with those hair accessories. The great thing about hair accessories is that they can immediately make any hairstyle look more done up with less effort. You can use anything from more floral accessories like the ones Riri is using or switch it up with more subtle or more bold ones. As for the makeup, it's definitely another bold look that's perfect for a night out or can even be worn in the day if you're feeling bold enough.



You can play with these looks and keep grabbing inspo from Rihanna's fun and unique style. And hopefully by the time you're done playing with the looks, she'll be dropping the new album.