Everyone’s hair grows differently. Certain products trigger hair growth, while others can potentially damage hair. This should be considered when you’re thinking about which styles and methods you want to try out. If you’ve been experiencing stagnant growth and you’re looking for a new method to make your hair prosper, you might want to try out the LOC or LCO methods!


So what exactly is LOC? “LOC” stands for liquid, oil, and cream. When using the LOC method, it is important to remember to use the products in order because it actually matters! The liquid product moisturizes hair, while the oil seals the moisture in. Lastly, cream is used to define curls or achieve your desired style. If applied properly, hydration can last for 2-3 days, so people normally use this method for maximizing retention of a style. 


The LCO method isn’t too off from the LOC method, as the letters still stand for the same thing  just in a different order. With the LCO method, you apply the liquid first for moisture, the cream to style your hair, then the oil to seal the moisture in! This method is used for maximum moisture retention.

Since you can’t know which method works for you based on looking at your hair, figuring out which method works best for you is a process of trial and error. We recommend trying out both methods to see which one works for your hair best! Don’t forget to include a clarifying shampoo in your regimen to avoid product build-up.