Over the weekend the medias favorite it girl Kim Kardashian West attended the City of Hope charity poker event with Kendall and Khloe and expert momager Kris Jenner. If Only’ Texas Hold'em Charity Poker Tournament presented by the Forum and City of Hope's Future Hope Committee. The event, hosted by Irving and Shelli Azoff, Madison Square Garden and City of Hope, this past Sunday at the Forum in LA. 

Guests were invited to play at a table with either Kris, Kim, Khloe or Kendall. The evening’s first prize winner received front row tickets and a meet and greet with rock band the Eagles when they are at the Forum this September. Second prize was front row tickets for Fleetwood Mac also in the Forum, in December and a meet and greet with Stevie Nicks.   

Other prizes include tickets to the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas, custom Callaway golf clubs, a Lorraine Schwartz Diamond Against Evil Eve bracelet and more. Non-player tickets started at $250, while those who played began at $1,000 with sponsor packages as high as $50,000. This enabled the charity to raise more than half a million dollars for nonprofit clinical research and treatment center for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases. 

Kim stunned in a nod to 90's fashion with latex high waist pants, clear jelly-like single soled heels and a black scoop neck body suit. All monochromatic in true Yeezy fashion. Both Kim and Khloe sported blunt cut bobs to the event. KKW's shorter black bob could easily rival even Edna Mode's. The debut of the bold bob is a nice change from Kim's usual below waist length tresses. Blunt bob cuts can be tricky.  For daring of us Tykia Watts of private label extenstions gave us a step by step on how to achieve the perfect blunt cut bob.

Before you begin cutting here are a few things to keep in mind. 

Determine how you plan to style your blunt cut bob. If you only plan to wear it straight go for whatever length you like. If you plan to curl it, leave a little extra length, so your cut doesn’t look super short after styling. 

When installing your hair try to put less hair in the nape. A blunt cut gives the illusion of thicknessso there’s no need to have the weft stacked on top of one another in the back. 


  • Shears 

  • Clippers (no guard) 

  • Comb 

 Step #1 

Decide the length of your desired cut 

Step #2 

Grab your clippers and hold them vertically 

Step #3 

Give yourself some grace room and move the cut down two inches 

Step #4 

Place your clippers on the back center of your bob 

Step #5 

When cutting, pivot the clippers between your index finger and thumb to get a crisp horizontal line 

Step #6 

Work to the left of your center cut using the center as your guide 

Step #7 

Let the clippers do all the work 

Step #8 

Don’t add any tension to the hair with your hands 

Step #9 

Next work to the right of your center cut using the center as a guide 

Step #10 

Work your comb through your newly formed bob 

Step #11 

Use your scissors to cut any stray hairs 

Pretty straight forward but if you want to look like Kim instead of Dora the Explorer we suggest watching along with a YouTube video while you work! Keeping your hair sleek will also be a bit of chore so make sure you're using heat protectant. Try Not Your Mother's Beat the Heat Thermal Styling Shield Spray for a lightweight finish that protects your hair from moisture and gives it a natural shine.  

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