While he didn’t hit the viral dance moves, Kanye West is definitely in his feelings. With all the drama circulating lately he seems to be the latest person looking for KiKi’s love. The walking enigma once again deleted his social media then reappeared a week or so later after throwing a curve ball at fans pushing his Yandhi album back another almost 2 months to November 23rd 

Not one to shy from controversy West has had his share of feuds with rappers in the past ---a better majority of them centered around his significant other. Most recently, the rapper took to his Instagram to blast Drake, Nick Cannon, and Tyson Beckford for what he felt was disrespect toward his wife Kim Kardashian West or KiKi if you let Kanye tell it. ‘’None of ya’ll speak on my wife!’’ he said in a huff as he walked under a train line in Chicago. So, it got us thinking, let's put together a timeline to piece it all together. 

in my feelings

We’ll start small. Of all 3 attacks, Kanye’s issue with Tyson Beckford is probably the most cut and dried. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, supermodel Tyson Beckford, took his to the comment section of The Shade Room ‘’Sorry I Don’t care for it personally,’’ and ‘’She is not real,doctor f—ed up on her right hip.’’ 

in  my feelings

Kim, always ready to fight her own battles, immediately clapped back at the model commenting ‘’Sis we all know why you don’t care for it,’’ with the tea cup and frog emojis. Now whether what KKW was hinting at has any truth to it isn't the tea we’re getting into today, so we’ll leave that for another time. Not willing to let anything lie we think Kanye just added Beckford into his rant, so he’d know that man to man, the exchange didn’t go unnoticed.  

Drake and Kanye already had a bit of tension after West spilled the secret of Drake having a son to rival rapper Pusha T. ‘’I’m in Wyoming. I play him ‘March 14.I send him a picture of my son. I tell him I’m having trouble with my son’s mother,’’ Drake revealed on LeBron James’ HBO docuseries The Shop. March 14 being the Scorpion track that was supposed to tell the world about his son. Instead, Pusha made Drake out to be a deadbeat on his Daytona album and in less than 24 hours Drake responded with ''The Duppy Freestyle''. What caught everyone off guard is that his response surprisingly wasn’t directed solely at Pusha T. The better majority of the diss was directed towards West. Put a pin in that, we’ll come back to it after we see how Nick Cannon fits in.  

Nick Cannon and Kim K. as a couple was brief to say the least, but it happened during a very pointed time in Kim’s rise to fame—circa the infamous tape and before VH1. He’s even stated that he’s the one who introduced Kanye and Kim, while he was dating her. Cannon has dropped his input about the couple and Kim on a few occasions, but it seems like this was a time too many for Kanye.  

While on an interview with Complex’s Everyday Struggle, Nick Cannon hinted that it was highly plausible that Drake and Kim Kardashian had slept together adding fuel to a small fire that originally was just rumors and fan theories. ‘’As a fan, stepping back, there's something real personal Drake holds over that whole family, that he's like, 'Y'all don't want me to let this out,’’ Cannon said. So he didn’t say it directly but the tone said it wouldn’t be that far off of a thought 

‘’Like, I understand that you used to date my wife, but you get in an interview, don't mention my wife,’’ Kanye warned directing his comments to Cannon. ‘’If someone brings my wife up, you say, 'Hey, I respect that man, I'm not speaking on that.' Don't be making no suggestions, like nobody f***ed my wife.’’ he added.

Fans took Cannon's suggestion and ran with it. They’ve compiled whole threads of research to support Kim being the KiKi Drake is questioning in In My Feelings. From hidden messages in lyrics to the very close proximity of the West's home in Hidden Hills to Drake’s.  

in my feelings

Long time Drake fans think it’s more likely that the rappers muse for KiKi is singer songwriter Keshia Chante @keshiachanteleft, who he dated as a teenager and has admitted to rapping about before or K’yanna Barber @4theloveofkj, right, an Oakland resident he has been linked to on and off again since last year. According to Kanye, Drake shouldn’t have picked anything close to Kim’s nickname for his lyrics and should come out and squash the rumors that the two had an affair. The only thing that Drake has said is that he didn’t have In My Feelings recorded until after Kanye spilled his secret. So maybe it was a jab after all? 

We may never be sure. One thing we can be certain of is that chivalry is alive and well in the West household. Will Kanye continue to type and record for his wife’s honor? I guess we’ll have to wait and see now that those profiles are reactivated. 

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