Jhene Aiko and Big Sean may be exes now but it's still all love between them.

Unlike most exes who seem to avoid each other like the plague, Jhene and Sean still seem to be each other's biggest supporters constantly showing love for one another. The most recent example was earlier this week when the two shared a supportive exchange via Twitter.


That's definitely not the first time they've shown off.  In the midst of hot girl summer, Big Sean made it known he just wanted to secure a wife and when a snarky fan brought up Jhene, he only had good things to say in response.


And let's not forget Sean's breakup song, "Single Again" that actually featured Jhene's vocals.

Both of them seem to be in great places in life which is probably how they've managed to have such a drama-free split. Big Sean has been letting fans in on his road to happiness and self love.


While Jhene is also living her best life, becoming the new face of Kat Von D's new foundation, a brand she's loved for a long time.


And even showing up on Saweetie's remix of 'My Type."

We may not know exactly why the pair decided to call it quits but the fact they're still so supportive of each other is refreshing nowadays. The only thing we wonder is are we getting a Twenty88 2 or what???