Drama in the beauty community is never ending isn't it? Jackie Aina would probably agree, especially after the week she's had.

Long story short, Patrick Starrr and Manny Mua were accused of stealing Chelsie Worthy's trapturial editing style on Instagram and not giving her any credit for it. While they did go back and edit their captions to mention her, it was only after they were called out on it and by then, it seems the damage was already done.



So wait, what does Jackie have to do with this? Well, Jackie reposted Patrick's video on her Instagram because he used her new eyeshadow palette in the tutorial. After Chelsie went on Instagram and Twitter to express how she feels like the beauty community always and purposely overlooks her, Jackie tried to offer her support since she's been supportive of her in the past.




Unfortunately for Jackie, Chelsie and many fans interpreted her message of support as gaslighting since she said she personally didn't see the resemblance between both videos and it wasn't long before people were firing some serious shots at Jackie over social media. Needless to say, Jackie finally had enough and decided to deactivate her Twitter. She said this over on Instagram.



Although Chelsie tried to clear the air a little bit, it was too little too late.




Jackie may have said she was just going to mind her business from now on but she decided to give her last two cents on the matter which really just added more fuel to the fire. She vented her frustrations towards her critics on her IG Story and ended up calling them "demagorgans" and "ungrateful heathens." Even people who were originally on her side didn't take this too well and expressed their disappointment in the beauty guru.




This isn't the first time Jackie has been embroiled in some drama. People love to bring up the time she accused YouTuber Petty Paige of hacking her bank account without any kind of evidence to back it up. Granted, Jackie never actually called out Paige by name but she left enough clues in her now-deleted video for people to easily figure it out. She did eventually apologize to Paige on Instagram but many thought she should have done more since the allegations were pretty serious.




More recently she also got into it with Chichi Eburu, the owner of Juvia's Place. The brand expressed their gratitude after Jeffree Star did a makeup review of them which Jackie wasn't impressed with since Jeffree has long been accused of racist behavior. Jackie along with Alissa Ashley called out the brand and Chichi was NOT having it. She went off on Twitter and got personal real quick although her anger was only directed towards Jackie and not towards Alissa who was the first one to actually call her out. Jackie seemed unbothered by it and Chichi deleted her account shortly after but whew it was a whole ride.




So what's next for Jackie? If she's decided to mind her own business, then maybe she'll finally be able to avoid anymore drama. But with the beauty community it looks like anything can go so only time will tell.